Weird Internet Ideas: Science isn’t Science

It is deeply saddening that the anti-science attitude has become so entrenched on the right and in the government. However, it is nice to find all your targets standing in a row.

The minor good news is that watching the presentation and recognising the names, I’d already debunked this nonsense.

Yes, this is the same warmed over nonsense I tackled when I went through a climate change denial book last year.

From the presentation:


What I found then was that Armstrong and Green, to reach a conclusion that a forecast of global cooling was more ‘accurate’ than global warming, had to make the following errors:

  • Use only ONE warming scenario
  • Use a cooling scenario smaller in magnitude to the warming scenario
  • Use a retroactive forecast using the warming scenario that does not actually correspond with the warming hypothesis (specifically using modern rates of warming for the mid 19th century)
  • Ignore more recent data (specifically from 1975)

What was even more notable was that some of these problematic steps were in violation of their own ‘principles of forecasting’.

There’s more, but I’ll come back to it later.


2 responses to “Weird Internet Ideas: Science isn’t Science”

  1. Like so much of Beale’s work, this is the scream of a fundamentally stupid man, upset that dressing himself in what he imagines to be the signs of intelligence doesn’t work. And as realizing that his entire approach is wrong and all that he is doing is making himself into more and more of an ass would require an ability for introspection that escapes him, he keeps screaming “No, YOU’RE WRONG!” ever louder, and with more bells and whistles, hoping against all past experience that this will make him right, somehow.

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  2. Only in the weird world of right-wing “science” would a guy whose expertise is in forecasting market changes be regarded as an authority on what is and is not science.

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