Four Things I Like

  1. Beer
  2. New Ann Leckie books
  3. Book covers
  4. John Harris’s space art

    Oh, well well well, what do we have here?

    Scans article to look for accompanying  announcement of tie-in promotional beer…but nothing! When oh when will big publishing realise that they must pander to all my irrational whims! Sigh. I guess I can’t  get everything…

    7 thoughts on “Four Things I Like

      1. Mark-kitteh: Do you think the red of the ship is a bit of a callback to the Ancillary covers? Clever if so.

        I’m quite sure that the use of another John Harris cover with a red-and-white spaceship on it is intended to convey the marketing message “If you liked the Ancillary Justice books, you’ll like this book. too.”

        And I have absolutely no problem with that.

        I’ve just requested that my library order it — which means I will be at the top of the list to check it out when it arrives. I’m really looking forward to it!


      2. No, it’s a sly attempt to defraud innocent readers of real SF (TM) to read pink SJW science fiction instead of proper and nutritious nutty nuggets.


    1. It’s time for Cattimothy House to rise up and begin offering promotional beers with all of their work! That’ll show Torbit! They’ll be dead in two years MUAHAHAHAHAHA

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