There is a wackier than normal rightwing screed from Ignatius J Reilly impersonator John C Wright. I don’t normally focus on the more stream of consciousness rants but this one had such a nice tie-in with the Beware the Cat series that I had to mention it.

Wright has finally discovered what the true nature of the left is. No, not morlocks – the actual answer is this:

It is witchcraft. We live in the Kingdom of the Witches.

Greymalkin lives!

There is an irony here that also relates to Beware the Cat. Decades after that book, under King James there was an active campaign of suppression of witchcraft. Part of that suppression was intermingled with suppression of Catholicism. Women gathering secretly to receive communion might be accused of witchcraft. Once Catholicism was a minority religion in England it became subject to the panoply of fears and libels that minority religions face (while in Catholic countries those libels would be aimed at protestants and Jews).

When I was growing up, the main local legend about witchcraft was the case of the Pendle Witches https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pendle_witches – a kind of Lancastrian version of the Salem Witch trials. The most notable of the poor women falsely accused went by the name of Alice Nutter who was almost certainly practising Catholicism clandestinely.


[Alice Nutter is also the name of Lancashire writer and former member of Chubawamba]

This is all just background because there is one detail about the Pendle Witches that I didn’t know about until recently: the name of the place where the women were alleged to have met to plot their witchery:

Malkin Tower. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malkin_Tower

Anyway, as this post is meandering, I’ll finish with some classic Chumbawamba from 1986.



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    1. Ok, so I read the JCW piece and come out confident it will be the silliest thing I read for a while….and then that out-does it within seconds?


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