Blog Round Up

I haven’t done of these for awhile and so some of links have been sitting there for some time and are now a bit old. Sorry.

A review website I haven’t seen before popped up in my like Geekritique and

Alex Acks review of Captain America: Civil War is squee-tastic

A discussion of Bertrand Russell’s classic essay

Is the concept art for Wakanda in the new Black Panther movie too close to the international style? Interesting discussion  and from the same blog a Rogue One review

I’ve been reading Brooke Bolander on Twitter but hadn’t visited her blog before. Here’s a review of the The Last Guardian

At Eruditorum Press, Josh Marsfelder looks back at the Zelda game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’

Alexandra Erin has been writing some extraordinary Tweet storms on Trump. Here is some blog commentary for those who prefer to avoid the sink-hole of Twitter

Ann Leckie discusses tea

Some other things:

William Henry Harrison, Beautician




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