No, but just one more thing and then I’ll shut up

The thing with the Evan McMullin killed Milo’s Career theory from our Puppy pals that really is bugging me is that it is just really, really, poor storytelling. It’s too elaborate as a factual piece (unless, as I noted, moderate conservatives are pathetic at skullduggery) but worse, it’s just really bad as fiction.

No, if we are going to do fiction let us do it properly.

Who benefits specifically, with the timing and the events leading up to Milo’s fall from grace? I’ll credit the Puppies with at least getting you need a specific villain in a fictional story – the story can’t just be ‘people who don’t like nazi punks in general’.

Plotwise, for fiction rather than fact:

  1. You need a bad guy.
  2. It can’t be who you immediately expect.
  3. They have to directly benefit from both Milo’s rise & fall.
  4. When it is revealed, it all has to make sense in retrospect.

Ergo, Steve Bannon did it. I mean not really because we live in a real world where Ockham’s razor cuts such a story to shreds.

Bannon- Breitbart – Milo. Milo was great for Breitbart – stirring up shit, pulling in some angry young men and generally running interference for the alt-Right. But that was then. Bannon is next to the centre of power. Breitbart, which was once on the out fringes of conservatism is now accepted. CPAC will be Bannon’s chance to seal the deal – an alliance between wider conservatism and his own reactionary nihilism.

Breitbart has a big presence at CPAC this year (in truth as well as in our fiction) and Bannon will appear with Reince Priebus. Donald Trump will give a keynote speech and…well some idiot invites Milo Yiannopolus. Can Bannon ensure Milo behaves? Probably not – after all he’s never needed Milo to behave, he has only ever needed Milo to stir shit. Worse, even Milo does behave at CPAC, everybody knows he has said some crazy shit which would alienate the still sceptical social conservative wing.

Solution (in fictional land): explode the scandal bomb early before it can do any collateral damage to CPAC, Trump, Breitbart or Bannon (that’s in reverse priority order).

Note only three things have actually happened to Milo:

  1. He got disinvited to a conference held by people he doesn’t like.
  2. He lost a book deal with a publisher he doesn’t like
  3. He ‘resigned’ from Breitbart.

Only one of those things looks like a betrayal…

Yeah, but in reality…nope. Events don’t need secret plots or sinister villains.


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  1. I think that fundamentally, the problem with this whole entire crew (and thus, by extension, the problem for all of us) is that their aims exceed their talents. They are very very limited people in the fullest sense of that word: intellectually, empathetically, in terms of moral consistency and human decency and content knowledge and credible policy proposals. Even their visages are either sour or vacuous. Milo (like Bill Maher) is not actually all that great, even as a wannabe provocateur. They aren’t smart, they aren’t knowledgeable and they aren’t clever. They just enjoy destroying things Milo is a one-note, not terribly bright or incisive character. He had to keep pushing the limits of shock further because if he stood still, someone would eventually notice that his persona is derivative and ephemeral. His whole fall from (what passes for) grace was utterly predictable and, like the man himself, really quite boring.

    It never fails to amaze me how these supposed adults immediately devolve to schoolyard name calling: in the post above, he’s McMuffin. On the puppy blogs, the many puerile variants of your handle. Phantom’s childish names for Greg H. I can’t believe they can do that and still take themselves seriously. It’s embarrassing even to see it as a reader in the context of what they claim to be serious political manifestos derived from their high principles. It’s just so stupid and, again, really quite boring.

    What is not boring is the actual human cost that is papered over by their hypocrisy. Attempting to defend Milo from the politics of personal destruction and claiming that they would always stand up for people being devastated by lies and misrepresentation — but then remaining silent on the business costs felt by the poor owner of the manufactured pizzagate claims, or the retraumatizing of Sandy Hook parents who are being doxxed and harassed by people claiming that never happened, or the falsification of documents being used to fast-track people for deportation, or — egregiously — their failure to use the same standard to condemn Milo’s attacks on Leslie Jones and the transgender college student. Oh so very principled, they are!
    **insert deep and utter scorn here **

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  2. Conspiracy 2: Conspire Harder. It’s even twistier than you realise. You see, after being the resistance Bannon is now in power, and he needs to consolidate by gaining a level of respectability with the more conservative conservatives. Milo really really doesn’t fit that model. On the other hand, Bannon still wants his power to whip up the alt-right, and Milo does that in spades.
    Hence this was actually a false flag operation designed to placate and lull the Fox News crowd into a false sense of security, so they don’t see the newly respectable Breitbart Cable News coming to eat their lunch, while Milo pops up as the new face of (slogan: if it was said on twitter then it must be true) with the added rep of having been Done Wrong by the establishment, to aim the alt-right mob where his secret master Bannon sends him.
    You’ll all know I’m right when Timothy packs his bags and says he’s leaving for the US and a new job….

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  3. It was a video of a main-stream show streaming radio interview that Milo freely did a year ago and was freely available all over the Web and known to many, many people. It wasn’t being kept in a vault or on somebody’s secret hardrive. No conspiracy was required. All anyone had to do was get in contact with CPAC leaders and ask, have you seen this video of Milo’s interview that’s freely on the Internet? Which is why a 16-year-old girl could do it. You don’t need lots of money and a P.I. to run a simple google search.

    So the only real place you can make conspiracy charges is in the timing of it being brought to CPAC’s attention. That seems to have been clearly planned but still only needs one person to do it (such as an annoyed 16-year-old.) Milo’s downfall does not embarrass Trump except that Trump threatened UC Berkeley on Milo’s behalf, but in this administration that barely registers for Trump. So I don’t see why an anti-Trump politician would see taking Milo down as particularly useful for his goals. But Milo’s downfall as Breibart journalist did embarrass Bannon at CPAC so I don’t think it would be Bannon either, given the timing. Given that there was a clamoring of people at Breibart who used the excuse of the video to declare Milo should go or they’d walk, getting him to resign, I would suspect that it was one of Milo’s rivals at Breibart who conspired if anyone did. You would think they’d be analyzing the personnel rosters at Breibart trying to figure out which ones wanted Milo out as the ringleaders.

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    • But it is unpossible that the martyrdom of Milo can have been caused by someone on the Alt.Right, or the Right, or even a True Conservative of any sort. Unpossible! Only Ctrl.Leftists do evil things like that.

      If it was done by conservatives, why, then they were CINOs! No *True* Conservatives fap fap fap…

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  4. This is a good try, ‘Stros, but it needs a tighter connection to Puppydom to be satisfying as a twist, You repeatedly foreshadowed the real culprit when you noted that Larry Correia has been uniquely silent on this topic.

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    • It’s the new-ish sulky term that some on the right are using because ‘alt-right’ is a thing. So by keyboard analogy if the right is ‘alt’ then the left must be the control key because we are oh-so controlling. Personally I’m function-left myself but presumably option-left and apple-key left are still up for grabs 🙂

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  5. I’ve seen a ton of people (literally) who try to reconcile a few left-wing positions with right-wing social positions calling themselves alt-left. Somehow it never caught on with the mainstream Democrats.


    • Yamamanama, that’s genuinely interesting. I’ve never encountered “alt-left” used as a self-designation even once.


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