A question for everyone

Hands up everybody who thought this time in 2015 that following the Puppy antics would lead us to the current situation of the puppy-alliance being the nexus of support for a gay British “journalist” caught in an underage sex scandal which lead him to being disinvited from a conservative conference which the Puppies are blaming on a Utah libertarian who is ex-CIA (and we like the CIA now) and oh, by the way, Donald Trump is President? I feel that despite being SFF fans are imaginations maybe are less creative than reality.

In 2018 we join forces with John C Wright to fight zombie kazoo players.



  1. Stevie

    Oh, come on! It was blindingly obvious that the GamerGaters had finally found their spiritual home i.e. an organisation where their inability to construct a meaningful sentence, or, for that matter, a sentence, was just what was wanted.

    Admittedly, Milo’s high hopes that this was where his star went nova have been crushed, but he’s British; who needs them in America First Trumpland? He’s obviously just another of those foreign freeloaders stealing jobs from Real Americans…

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