More Milomeltdown

The cognitive contortions continue in Puppydom. John C Wright, a man who famously lost his shit over two cartoon characters holding hands ( ) is still busy trying to work out why he needs to be supporting Milo Yianoppoulis. Luckily he reminds us of one factor in the cross-puppy support for the fading bully.

Ah yes, the now unfortunately titled ‘Forbidden Thoughts’ featuring  Brad R. Torgersen, Brian Niemeier, John C. Wright,  L. Jagi Lamplighter, Larry Correia,  Nick Cole,  Ray Blank, Sarah Hoyt, Tom Kratman, and Vox Day. Oh and with a forward by Milo Yiannopoulos.

That title always sounded to me more like something targeting the erotica end of the market but I guess the people at ‘Superversive Press’ felt it sounds edgy and rebellious. And here lies a lesson branding that I’m sure Mad Genius could do an excellent job of explaining if it wasn’t quite so close to home.

Not surprisingly Brian Niemeier has his own defence of Milo piece

And Brad Torgersen has now got a very angry not-talking-about-Milo-while-talking-about Milo piece on his blog.  Yes, it is all about how the left are meany heads because they, gasp, call people mean names. Yes, this is from Brad.

Meanwhile, Larry Correia continues to win Puppy-with-the-most-commonsense of the year award and is sensibly staying well away from this nonsense (at least for the time being).



  1. Mark

    Awww bless, they’re really having trouble getting their story straight aren’t they?
    JCW seems unable to confront the fact that Milo was dropped by an alt right website, a conservative conference, and an imprint that generally markets to the right wing, and is just incoherently blaming the left for…something.

    Niemeier has at least confronted it, by blaming the whole thing on an SJW conspiracy. He doesn’t ask himself the next question though: if the vile leftist conspiracy is that damn powerful, why hasn’t the right been crushed beneath it’s tyrannical boots yet?


  2. RD F

    Have you noticed that the more convoluted the twisting Wright has to engage in to avoid confronting his cognitive dissonance, the more arcane and unintelligible his prose becomes? It’s no wonder that, as a sf writer, he’s reduced to occasional begging.


    • JJ

      delagar: Brad’s comment section is amazing. Is the denial that thick? Or is he that thick? It’s hard to tell.

      Remember, he’s the one who ended up blaming Juliette Wade for asking to be removed from his slate, after he was dishonest with her about what he was doing in the first place — and then claimed that she really supported their cause, but had asked to be removed out of deep fear that SJWs would punish her for being on it.

      So yes: the denial is that thick, and he is that thick, too.


  3. Cora

    I remember the time when Brad used to comment at Jay Lake’s and John Scalzi’s blogs and posted about writing at his own blog. Okay, so he was clearly conservative, but you could have a conversation with him. But the martyrdom complex he’s been displaying since Sad Puppies 3 is getting ridiculous. Sorry, Brad, but no one is coming to load you into a box car and burn you at the stake.

    Regarding JCW, I wonder what happened to “It’s totally normal to want to beat gays to death with a tyre iron.”

    Regarding Larry Correia, his blog is notably non-political these days – just book tours, book bombs and miniatures. I guess he doesn’t know how to get rid of the ghosts he conjured up (This reference works better in German), so he distances himself from them. Smart move.

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  4. sfrazer2015

    Do they realize they are in complete control of the US government? 3 branches soon to be completely tied up for several years at least and somehow lefties are still keeping them down somehow. I just don’t get it.


  5. Doris V. Sutherland

    Something about Wright’s post that I should flag up: he calls Yiannopoulos “a public crusader whose work has put three pedophiles behind bars”.
    This is obviously referring to Chris Leydon, Luke Bozier and Sarah Nyberg, whom Milo mentioned in his first Facebook defence.
    Leydon was apparently convicted on indecent image charges two years back; I’m not sure what his sentence was, but looking at his Twitter feed from the time, he doesn’t seem to have been incarcerated. Bozier was let off with a caution. Nyberg wasn’t even charged.
    The Hollywood celebrities whom Milo claims to have seen committing child rape at parties are also, presumably, walking free.
    The “mighty slayer of pedos” narrative that Milo’s supporters are pushing is not quite as sturdy as they seem to think.

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    • Mark

      I think the original claim was “exposed”, so obviously Wright is escalating in defence. Hardly a good look for a man who claims a surfeit of moral rectitude.

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      • Doris V. Sutherland

        He’s also weirdly proud of Forbidden Thoughts getting a sales boost from the controversy. “Yay, w00t! Our celebrity endorser got caught saying creepy things about adults diddling 13 year olds, and now more people are reading our book! Aren’t our fans great?”


      • Mark

        Practically every puppy author has made exactly the same claim about a sales boost when they got dinged for something. Let’s just say I take it with a pinch of salt.


  6. kiptw

    “We are victims, damn it! Even though our candidate is President and he’s getting set to round up members of a religious group who are responsible for all evil, and everything’s going our way… look! Look at that! Somebody we like has been mildly admonished by someone else we like for saying the kind of thing we routinely crusade against if anyone else says it! YES! WE ARE OPPRESSED!!


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