Some Opinions not About Trump

Collected for the purpose of expressing them:

  1. Oreo cookies are a very mediocre biscuit. This maybe my British biscuit snobbery speaking but having said that, surely America has better cookies than these?
  2. Oreo flavoured things aren’t particularly special. There’s an Oreo flavoured Cadbury egg now. Why bother?
  3. Bill Maher isn’t funny. This isn’t an observation made because of him having Mitroll on as a guest.
  4. Also, I don’t get why people saw him as a ‘liberal’? A vague contrarian isn’t an ideological position. To be honest I’d assumed for a long time he was one of those counter-culture libertarians like Penn Jillette.
  5. I think I’ve already stated that we really don’t need yet another brewer make yet another version of an IPA. Obviously, I’ll drink it but try something different.
  6. People citing Louise Mensch as an authority on something. I’m sure she isn’t wrong about *everything* but she’s a pro-Brexiter who’s done her fair share of anti-immigration hate mongering. From a Bayesian perspective ‘Louise Mensch says X will happen’ should either have no effect or lower your estimate of the probability of X happening.
  7. I thought pangolins were cool before everybody else. I have a half finished drawing of a pangolin but…it wasn’t very good and I gave up.
  8. Um, that’s all my opinions on things at the moment.


  1. delagar

    Oreos are terrible. Nutter Butters are pretty good, but you have to like peanut butter. Also there’s this ginger snap cookie sold at our local grocery I like with milk, but IDK if ginger snaps count as American cookies.

    I think people think Maher is liberal because he made his name going after religion, back when the Religious Right was taking over the Conservative party here. But yeah, he’s not liberal, he’s just a snotty ex-high-school-smart-ass who isn’t nearly as clever or as edgy as he thinks he is.


  2. Cora

    I have positive memories of Oreo cookies as really tasty from back when I was a kid and spent some time in the US. By now, you can also get Oreo cookies in Germany, but I avoid them. I’d much rather have my memories of Oreos as something delicious rather than underwhelming reality.


    • delagar

      I think Oreos *might* have been better in the past. Now they, like almost everything here in the US, are made not with cane sugar but with high-fructose corn syrup, which has a terrible mouth feel and leaves a nasty aftertaste.


  3. Mark

    1 – word. (However my wife will fight anyone for the last Oreo, so go figure)
    5 – this weekend featured a pub-based conversation about whether there was any real difference between an APA and an IPA. The prime exhibits were two pints from the same London brewery and frankly we couldn’t discern any real distinction.
    I do like an IPA for a session beer or a cooling draught, but there’s not really enough to it to make the infinite variations that brewers seem to be convinced exist.
    6 – I only learned this week that Mensch is nee Bagshaw, chicklit author. I’m sure that’s my fault for not knowing that, but I suffered a moment of strong cognitive dissonance when I found out.


  4. KR

    Playing along, here are some random thoughts:
    1) Air Canada = incompetent; United = hostile; SFO = oddly weak wifi signals; Palm Springs = wonderful
    2) Bougainvillea is happiness-inducing
    3) store bought cookies are gross
    5) my irish grandma’s shortbread recipe beats all cookies world-wide
    5) sorry English people, Cadbury Flake is also not good
    6) Black Lives do matter
    7) when typing, use two spaces after a period.
    8) “Actually”, it is probably harder to adapt a historical story to film than a fictional one and the constraints of the genre mean that the historicity itself is distorted. History on film typically contains a good dose of fiction. U-541 is a very good example of very bad history.