Well that Trump press conference was a thing

No brilliant takes or insights here, just stray observations.

  1. Trump answers his own question and so any kind of forensic questioning is pointless.
  2. Maybe Trump’s denial of his having any Russian  involvement will haunt him later. Everything else is appalling nonesense.
  3. Trump is still both fluent and incoherent – that is his one public speaking skill. After the revolution he should be put into the care of Noam Chomsky.
  4. It may be my imagination  but he seems to use very few ums-&-ers.  Which projects confidence while some kind of markov-chain algorithm  strings his random vocab together.
  5. Oh my god we are  all going to die in some accidental war against Bulgaria  or something .
  6. The press should just ask joke questions from now on – be dead pan & he won’t notice they are taking the piss. Ask him about fake countries or fictional politicians – he won’t realise.”Mr Trump can you comment on the latest FCK figures from the Yellowstone Office of Underwriters showing a down turn in peak undercapacity? Will this impact on our relations with Vulgaria?”