Rightwing Editor Banned From Multiple Cons

Shocking, shocking news of political discrimination. Now people know my views lean leftward but this is quite flagrant and beyond what is reasonable – a well known and highly respected editor has been banned from multiple SF conventions in 2017.

The editor, a Mr Timothy the Talking Cat, has been quite outspoken regarding his political position in the past but apparently his ground-breaking self-help/political work “Walrus Mindset” [available here: https://camestrosfelapton.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/the-ultimate-scare-walrus-mindset/ ]. Being one of the few pundits to not only successfully predict that Trump would win but also predict the eldritch reality distortion that followed, Timothy has earned a lot of enemies on the so-called “left” and among the so-called “Democrats” in the so-called “United States” on the so-called “continent of North America”.

Not a SINGLE science-fiction, fantasy, anime, comic or popular-culture convention has invited Timothy to be the guest of honour at their con despite his perfectly reasonable rates of $5 million (plus: 10-mile radius squirrel exclusion zone).

People who wish to express their outrage should do so by immediately downloading Timothy’s masterpiece of editing. Available from Smashwords, There Will Be Walrus First Volume V.



Crafted from the finest pixels and using exquisite fonts and typographical metadata, There Will Be Walrus is the ground-breaking anthology series from Cattimothy House – the world’s leading publisher of feline edited military science fiction anthologies.

Wait, what’s that you say? You think this is a fake scandal cooked up just to help promote a dodgy book by a cat with a squirrel fixation? I’m outraged by this accusation! That I or Timothy, would exploit such an issue to promote our increasingly obscure publishing endeavours (available here for a new low price) is a calumny typical of the modern day’s leftwing




  1. Cora

    First that rice guy and now Timothy. There’s truly an epidemic of SJW cons banning rightwing writers and editors going on. Stop this, I say. Timothy will make SF great again.

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  2. delagar

    The Ctrl.Left has no shame! What crybullies! I will buy 1 million copies of Timmy’s book, that will teach them a lesson!


  3. RD F

    Heh. I like how he’s all “I’m boycotting you!”‘, presumably expecting them to gasp and plead for the People’s Poet to come back to them. Instead they’re “Um… alright”.

    I wonder if he’ll try walking that back…


  4. Mark

    Huh, everyone knows this is really because of his behaviour on last year’s panel on Rodents in SF. The moment he began his ten pages of prepared remarks on The Squirrel Menace it was just bound to escalate.
    (Not to mention his ongoing refusal to wear pants on stage)

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    • JJ

      DJT: Lying Jon Del Arroz says that Trump supporters are a minority. Sad!

      Yet he also claims that the Trump supporters are all the “normal” people. Isn’t it funny how conservatives are an oppressed minority when it suits their narrative, then they’re the “normal” majority when it comes to claiming that the people who don’t agree with them are obviously wrong?