Meanwhile…Earth’s Temperature…

The January UAH Satellite temperatures are avaialble:

The fall from the El Nino highs is still slower than you might expect.

Elsewhere, the right is throwing up claims of temperature records being cooked.  Here’s four different temperature records based on different data sets from 1980 to current.


The baseline for the anomalies are different and there is some variation in exactly what they are measuring and even the trends are a bit different but the message is the same whichever way you look at it.

It is getting warmer. The whole planet. The impacts on everybody will be substantial and long lasting. Our children will inherit a very different world.




      • KR

        thanks for your ongoing informational work, we LIKE to see the many points of data you’ve plotted here. i CANUTE believe that you are so kind as to take the trouble, even if the PHANTOM regularly shows up to disagree agree with them. the concurrence of four different data sets COMMANDED THE full attention. i will share this with my INCOMING colleague who beings cookies to TIDE us over during long boring meetings. that’s something i do not want TO STOP.


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      • thephantom182

        Why is clear evidence of deliberate scientific malpractice “wailing against reality” Camestros? If they’re making shit up about the temperature, and they do certainly appear to be, is that okay with you?

        Why do you think “the Right” objects to global warming in the first place? Two reasons, evidence tampering and opportunistic rent seeking.

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      • camestrosfelapton

        Evidence SO clear that NOBODY but ideologues takes it seriously? Evidence SO clear that you can’t even describe what you think has been done or what difference it would make?

        Wake me when you can think for yourself.

        As for the right ‘objecting to global warming’ I think you mispoke. The right is showing no signs of objecting to global warming.


      • thephantom182

        “I’m hoping that Mr Phantom will attempt to make a full explanation of his accusations…”

        You’re hoping I type something larger, so you can delete it again. Sorry. One link is all you get.


      • camestrosfelapton

        We all know what a gish-gallop is. What I want to see is if you can do something other than parrot what you’ve been told. Can you actually think for yourself. You thought that link was important – let’s see if you can actually EXPLAIN your own point without changing the subject. Then, maybe you can move onto the next one.
        Otherwise its just argle-bargle. What’s the point in you wasting your time typing argle-bargle if you don’t know what you are saying?


      • camestrosfelapton

        Last two replies still off topic Phantom – better but still rants rather than rational arguments. Spammed.

        You have had a lot of lee-way here and lots of opportunities to present an argument. Let’s see if you can do it.

        You think a map is wrong. Step by step, explain why it is wrong. No tangents, no side commentary. Nobody here is obligied to take your argument or articles you link to seriously because of your track record of
        1. being wrong
        2. running away from making a substantive argument

        The fact that you made some improvement in the last post is a positive sign but you need to do better.

        You think the map is wrong. Explain what is wrong with the map first. Once you’ve established that the map is faulty you can then discuss what you think the motives are of the people who made it – but first establish that the map is wrong.


  1. KR

    I have observed that ph
    Antom never see
    Ms to tire of this subj
    Ect, or of his
    Many false and informed claims
    Being batted down by
    All sorts of
    Real, documented evidence.
    Repeatedly, he uses the inf
    Antile strategy of sub
    Stituting personal anecdote and
    Subjective opinion for mor
    E dispassionate approaches that might
    Do more to advance the resolution o
    F the very real and seri
    Ous problems that affect the entire wo
    Rld — its citizens, its land, its creatures.
    Ye gads, it’s tires
    Ome. Unless the intent is to exha
    Ust and demoralize, in which case… well done.


    • KR

      You are communicating with coloring books and I am practising juvenile cryptography. Ah, the 21st century. (did I manage to say that in under 140 characters?)
      ** insert gif here.

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  2. greghullender

    Climate-change deniers are almost exclusively far-right, non-scientists who are located in the United States. The US Republican party is pretty much the only significant political party in the whole world that denies that human emissions of CO2 are most likely causing unacceptable changes in climate.

    If there were any truth to the deniers’ claims, you’d think they’d have serious support from somewhere in the world. Or from more than two actual scientists who work in the field. (No, dentists don’t count.)


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