President Trumble

20170205_143603.jpgJust following up from my previous post on US-Australian relations in the age of over-tired toddler tantrum presidencies.

Since that post, we’ve had Sean Spicer pronounce Prime Minister Turnbull’s name wrong (it sounded like ‘Trumble’ or maybe ‘Trunbull’) but we’ve also had the Whitehouse refer to the Australian PM as ‘President Turnbull’.

Incompetence or trolling? You just can’t ignore incompetence as an explanation when it comes to Trump but maybe it’s trolling.

Turnbull is a noted republican, i.e. he has campaigned for and is on record supporting Australia having is own head of state instead of the Queen. Not surprisingly, this puts Turnbull sharply at odds with the right of his own party. So, somebody on the right of Australian politics referring to Turnbull sarcastically as ‘President Turnbull’ is a multi-layered insult.

  1. its a dig at his republicanism
  2. it implies his republicanism is actually an ambition to become head of state
  3. it implies he is acting imperiously against the wishes of his party

On top of that, the Whitehouse getting it wrong is a way of indicating that he is somebody beneath their attention. So, it sort of fits as something somebody trying to boost the more extreme end of the Australian Liberal Party might do.

It’s not playing well in Australia of course, with it primarily being seen as Trump being incompetent but that maybe not Bannon’s main concern. Bannon is more closely aligned to the complex social philosophy of Millwall Football Club’s famous anthem:,_we_don’t_care



  1. delagar

    Stupid? Incompetent? Fiendishly playing 11th dimension chess? Or just wanting to piss off anyone who doesn’t lick their boots?

    It really is hard to tell with this regime. The Trump camp — there are still a slavish core — insist it’s 11th dimension chess, and we’re just suckers to fall for it every time. Given how ignorant Trump (and now Bannon) are proving at understanding how the US government works, I’m finding that difficult to believe. But hey, maybe *that’s* a head-fake too.

    Anyway, as I started to say, Trump and his puppet masters don’t seem to know that much about how OUR government works. I’d be surprised if they knew anything at all about how yours does.

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  2. bghilton

    I’ve always heard plenty of anti-American stuff from lefty innercity Sydney friends, but I’m starting to hear it coming from suburban conservative friends whose Facebook walls consist of nothing but pictures of guns. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but right at the moment it’s anyone’s guess what anything means.