Is It Still About Fleecing Donors?

During the election, I mentioned that some kind soul had put me on a Trump mailing list (cheers).


Some months after the election and the begging letters are coming at an increased frequency:


Now firstly, as I’m not normally a recipient of US party political fund raising, I don’t know if this kind of frequency of requests for donations is typical. Second, I doubt there is any one kind of explanation for the Trump regime’s behaviour. However, I’d like to suggest that “make as much money as possible out of the 15% reactionary core of the US population as quickly as possible” makes a lot of explanatory sense. That doesn’t mean the other strong hypothesis “destroy the rule of law in screaming howl of hatred torn between the forces of chaos and fascism” is false, just that “…and let’s make a pile of cash out of the rubes while we do it” is a relevant coda.



  1. KR

    Step right up, gather round. It’s Dr Tromp’s Traveling Medicine Sideshow, featuring the pirate Bright Bart. Get your cure for cataleptic neuroplexy and more! A bargain at any price, preferably a high price! Tell your friends!

    And if that doesn’t lighten your wallet and cure what (roger) ailes you, go round to the (storm) front and step up to the (not-so-big) tent for Preacher Pence’s Old-Time Out-of-Date Alt-Faith Ministry. Anonymous undisclosed PAC donations taken at the door. Everyone welcome, except for you and you and you and you and you and you and you and most of the rest of you too.

    Uber: Dudes, we’ll drive you there! Price-surging turned off so pickups might take a little longer. But cheaper rides on us. Well, on the backs of our “contractors” but they’re happy with their “flexible schedules” and status as entrepreneurs. Hey, and while there, how about signing on to support Tromp’s EO to get rid of two regulations for every passed? Our CEO is on the business advisory council and it would do him a solid. He promises to bring up the whole unconstitutional approach to governing thing if there’s time. #kthxbai #rubes #gigeconomyisalie #destroythetaxbase #dollarsigns #poopemoticon

    Ivy League schools: Looks nervously at the academic credentials they awarded to the regime’s various underqualified and plagiarizing members. Looks nervously over at their institutional development fundraising wings. Contemplates options. Backs quietly out of conversation.

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  2. lunarg

    Yes, I’d say that’s typical frequency, tied to month and quarter ends, although Obama letters were usually fundraising for his party. It is *very* unusual for Trump to have declared his campaign for 2020 already and to be fundraising for himself, essentially, at this point.