Month: Feb 2017

  • Does Weird Stuff Like The Oscar Thing Prove That Everything is a Giant Simulation?!??

    No. Glad I could clear that up. Does your world suddenly disintegrating into a parade ASCII codes and wireframe renders prove that everything is a giant simulation? No. It proves I’m falling asleep drunk and sitting too close to the computer.  

  • Swedes, Petitions, Climate & Trump

    The Washington Times, that august organ of the Unification Church, has a breathless headline: Hundreds of Scientists Urge Trump To Withdraw from UN Climate Treaty: Climate change contrarian Richard Lindzen has sent a petition to Donald Trump saying “PETITION We urge the United States government, and others, to withdraw from the United Nations Framework […]

  • Keyboard politics

    After the advent of the krypto-fascist synonym ‘alt-right’, some conservatives have taken to using the term ‘cntrl-left’. By this, they just mean ‘left’. However, I feel other keyboard options could be handy. Tab-left: like normal left but every so often suddenly lurches to the right. Apple-key left: hates multinational corporations except when they make shiny […]

  • No, but just one more thing and then I’ll shut up

    The thing with the Evan McMullin killed Milo’s Career theory from our Puppy pals that really is bugging me is that it is just really, really, poor story telling. It’s too elaborate as a factual piece (unless, as I noted, moderate conservatives are pathetic at skullduggery) but worse, it’s just really bad as fiction. No, […]

  • Sunday Beer: Coastie Pale Lager

    Drinking a few lagers

  • The plot, the puppy, and the provocateur

    Short of something else happening, this should be the last Yiannopoulos post for the time being. Just to tie up the mini-kerfuffle in Puppydom, who is getting all the blame for this? In general, there is a undiscriminating mix of complaints against the left and conservatives (apparently scared of the left) for the events. Notably, […]

  • The cosplay of oppression: yet another milo post

    Kate Paulk has now written a post at Sarah Hoyt’s blog which, well is not a shining example of coherent argument The ‘je suis’ bit isn’t the most OTT bit, that’s just the first mangled reference. Because people like them doing everything from looking the other way from the thick smoke rising from crematoriums […]

  • Welcome to 2018

    Just trying to get ahead of the other pundits with the zombie kazoo players prediction. [Figure mangled from Poser, kazoo made in Cheetah]

  • A question for everyone

    Hands up everybody who thought this time in 2015 that following the Puppy antics would lead us to the current situation of the puppy-alliance being the nexus of support for a gay British “journalist” caught in an underage sex scandal which lead him to being disinvited from a conservative conference which the Puppies are blaming […]

  • Milomeltdown continued

    Just a couple of things from the comments that need elevating up to a post level. Firstly Chris Gerrib’s review of Forbidden Thoughts Secondly, Doris V Sutherland points out she had posted a link to the unedited version of the Milo interview over at Space Faring Kitten’s blog last May : Among the […]

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