8 thoughts on “More colouring-in

  1. What’s this, no angst about all the poor refugees trapped in airports? You are slipping, dude.


    1. You mean like, say, an Iraqi interpreter who risked their life for the US and who now can’t get home? The question is not where is my angst but, again, where is yours?

      You aren’t just slipping Phantom, you’ve slipped.

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    2. A bully shitting up literally hundreds of thousands of innocent people’s lives to give fleeting, rancid joy to other bullies on actual fucking Holocaust Memorial Day *should* be a cause for angst.

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  2. I almost feel sorry for any honest conservatives out there. (There must be *some* honest conservatives left.) As progressives, at least we can speak out and voice our outrage. What can a conservative do but squeak vile nonsense or be silent?

    It must hurt to watch what their man is doing.


    1. I said in 2015 (about Australia) “Say what you like about the far-left when a government almost accidentally decides to organize a fascist coup the so called looney-left will actually turn up and attempt to do something about it.”

      It is still true. The right caves in the face of authority – even in leftist dictatorships the active opposition is usually of the left or from left-leaning sections of society (colleges, trade-unions). It is not that the right lack principles or are somehow all secretly fascist, but they are suckers for strongman-style leaders.

      Plenty of criticism and objections from the German right in the Riechstag against Hitler…right up to the enabling act and then they all caved in.

      Its why (among many other reasons) the fairy-tale the right likes to tell about how they will be this amazing armed resistance against tyranny…history says, nope, at least not en-masse. The right caves and its leadership forms the core of collaboration. Those armed conservatives end up being the ones who point the secret police towards their neighbours or form their own citizens groups to help round-up the opposition.

      Of course, they could prove me wrong. Now would be a good time for them to prove me wrong.

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