Meanwhile in Emails

I was told by some conservatives who were at least somewhat unhappy with the idea of Trump, that Hillary’s unsecure email issue absolutely made her unfit for office.

Oddly the email crowd seems to have gone rather quiet in the wake of revelations that senior Whitehouse staff are themselves using a private RNC server for emails. On top of that Trump is using an unsecured Android phone and the POTUS Twitter is apparently linked to an unsecured Gmail account. Finally to top it all, press secretary Sean Spicer appears to be accidently tweeting passwords:

Anyway here are the loud howls of protest about this situation from those same conservatives:



Oh look, a blank space.




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  1. Apparently he’s also not got two-factor authentication on – the password reset screen is different when it’s on to when it’s off so it’s easy to tell.
    I’m just waiting for the first hacker from a non-extradition country to get Trump to tweet something ridiculous. (But how would we tell!)


  2. So, the inauguration was Friday, and these guys don’t have their shit together yet?

    Wow. Such a failure of security. I’m shocked.

    And gee, I wonder why the outgoing Obama administration wasn’t all helpful and stuff, you know? Anybody still remember the outgoing Clinton admin team stealing the W keys off the keyboards of the White House computers?

    I think everybody is pretty clear the US White House communications are about as secure as a pail full of money sitting on a roadside bus stop bench. I’d be surprised if anything important isn’t sent by runners and typed on a typewriter these days. Nobody knows better than the US government how many back doors there are in modern computers and phones. There’s no such thing as a secure phone call on cellular.

    Let me remind you of another hack. The complete payroll records of the US government were stolen from the federal Office of Personnel Management. 2014. Remember that one?


    1. //And gee, I wonder why the outgoing Obama administration wasn’t all helpful and stuff, you know?//

      Obama? You mean the man who Donald Trump said wasn’t a US citizen? Looks like he gave far more help to that serial liar than I would to somebody who habitually insulted me.

      In the meantime, your change of perspective on email security is noted.


    2. “You know Camestros, there’s this law in the military that the officer of a unit is responsible for the actions of the men in the unit. So if Private Pyle fucks up the email, President Trump is responsible. A leader, particularly a military leader, is judged on the performance of those under his command.” 2016/07/27


    3. So, the inauguration was Friday, and these guys don’t have their shit together yet?

      I realize that you’re Canadian, and that there’s obviously a lot about the U.S. that you don’t understand (you’ve repeatedly made that clear in your comments here), but that’s what the 72 days between the election and the inauguration are for — for the incoming administration to get their ducks in a row on everything, including replacing around 1,900 White House staffers and setting up a secure electronic communications system, along with a long list of other things. It’s not as if there aren’t experts able to help them do that — Trump’s administration just didn’t bother doing it properly. And after the election was over, Trump had no idea that he had 1,900 employees to hire — he thought the existing ones all came with the White House.

      As of the day before inauguration, Trump had filled only 29 of 660 executive positions — which is an “unpresidented” lack of competency on his part.

      So yeah, there’s absolutely no excuse for Trump’s administration to “not have their shit together yet” — especially since Obama was kind enough to stick around and help him learn the things of which he should have already been aware before the election.


      1. Look, be fair JJ, these guys have only just started running the US. It’s not like they would have been thinking about the dangers of sending emails via unsecured servers for a whole year or anything…oh, wait…

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    4. In that 72 day transition period, there was approximately $7 million available for use by the President-elect and his staff to ensure that they would be ready to take office on January 20. Instead, they screwed around, didn’t get much done, and, according to VP Pence, “returned 20% of the funds to the Treasury”. So, instead of using the funds for the things they should have used them for, like ensuring senior staff had secure communications, they simply left it on the table.


      1. “instead of using the funds for the things they should have used them for, like ensuring senior staff had secure communications, they simply left it on the table.”

        I believe this sort of false economy is what they like to call “fiscal responsibility”. Never mind that the knock-on costs can be enormous.


  3. And yes, I’m still waiting for the yuuuuuge Republican outcry about Trump’s e-mail and insecure server fiasco…

    … waiting …

    … waiting …

    … waiting …

    Oh, and has that illegal immigrant who’s married to Donald Trump been served with a deportation notice yet? Where’s the Republican outcry about that?


    1. And, has been noted, the various senior members of the advisory team who are registered to vote in two states so they must have been intending to act fraudulently.


      1. Phantom, your repeated attempts to try to build a readership for your blog by continually spamming Camestros’ posts with links to it are just sad and pathetic.

        Your comments here are always contradictory, nonsensical, and fact-deficient. Why would anyone want to go to your blog to read more of the same?


      2. @JJ

        And in this particular case, he is citing a 2014 study that is incapable of saying anything about 2016 votes, whose author has accepted criticisms of his methodology that mean his upper estimates are wildly exaggerated, and whose author has spoken out against the current use of the study. But no-one needed to visit his blog to know it would be credulous nonsense.


      3. Oh that study is even worse than that. It’s a projection of an extrapolation of an estimate of how many non-citizens MIGHT be registered to vote. If that estimate was at the high end and then had grown from 2008 and then those none citzen had voted en-masse then…um…it falls way short of the claims of millions voting for Hillary.

        It’s typical of the kind of numbers thrown around in these claims of voting fraud. The numbers are actually more like upper bounds of the potential size of non-citizens voting *IF* non-citizens were actually voting. They aren’t based on cases of non-citizens actually voting.

        It would be rather like me saying that potentially Hillary Clinton got 200 million votes in the POTUS election on the grounds that there are 200 million registered voters – actually it is more stupid than that as the 200 million number is a more solid starting figure.

        Put another way: IF there was mass amounts of non-citizens voting (and the evidence suggests that there wasn’t) then it would has added a maximum of 800 thousand votes spread across the country, if it had happened, which it didn’t (based on the evidence).

        Put another way: Phantom is saying that because I could have bought 20 litres of scotch last weekend that I therefore actually drank 20 litres of scotch last weekend. It was delicious by the way.


      4. I remember one particularly tedious and infuriating conversation I had in the days after Fidel Castro died. This particular person was fulminating about the hypcrite Castro who personally enriched himself to the tune of 900 million dollars (ie: nearly a billion), insisting that it was a well-known fact. This “fact” seemed like a pretty high and unlikely figure to me. It took three seconds of googling to discover the source of this “fact”: a 2006 Forbes article based on the assertions of an unnamed anti-Castro defector. Their dubious methodology? They estimated the Cuban GNP (real figures not available given the blockade and lack of access to info) and then they assumed he skimmed a certain percentage of it. That’s it. That’s their “sure fact.” An assumption based on an estimation, initiated by a hostile, anonymous source and published in a magazine named after a billionaire capitalist. Needless to say, I did not manage to convince my alternate-fact-inclined friend that it was not the most rock-solid proof one could offer.

        ** Wanders off in search of a mojito and a copy of The Old Man and the Sea. **


      5. In theory Phantom could buy 100 kilos of toilet paper and wrap it around, and around, and around the Lincoln memorial, therefore that is what happened.

        Phantom why did you wrap all that toilet paper around the Lincoln memorial!!!!!!

        Why did Donald Trump let Phantom do that!!!!!!!!


      6. You know we have really gone into uncharted territory when even Glenn Beck is pulling back like “whoa dudes, that sounds crazy conspiratorial to me, let’s back it up with facts and take it easy on the paranoia, mmm mkay?”, quoting Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and worrying about assaultson the Bill of Rights. I am reminded of your shark-jumping gif.

        It might also be time to re-post your 3 minute ode to wrongness. That thing is a masterpiece from a more innocent time. 🙂


  4. Does mr. phantom sound a little… desperate here?

    You know, I knew the Trump regime was going to be pathetic and incompetent. But this is far worse than even I expected. I mean, yikes.


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