We Interrupt this Blog for an Important Press Conference

Timothy: Good morning Press Corps. I’ll be taking questions on the transition process.
CF [out of breath]: Oi!
Timothy: No, not from you.
CF: Timothy. We need to have words.
Timothy: No, not from you. You are a fake news organisation. Fake news. No questions from you. Let’s see…you, squat metallic gentlemen with a mop.
Mr Atomic: Timothy did you wee on the bed?
Timothy: These are scurrilous accusations designed to disrupt the transition, that are from years ago in places I never visited.
Mr Atomic: I mean, did you wee on the bed just now when we were trying to catch you and put you in this cat box?
Timothy: These claims from the CIA are like living in fascist regime!
CF: Timothy, you can’t stay sitting on that pile of blank paper and manila folders all day. We’ve places to go.
Timothy: These documents are just many establishing the blind trust that will operate between me and my many business dealings.
CF: The only actual ‘document’ is a post-it note denouncing Straw Puppy because he posted a recommendation list for the Dragon Awards.
Timothy: FAKE NEWS!
CF: Look you have to go and stay with the nice lady from the post office until I get back. Hiding up there is just putting off the inevitable. [aside:] (I’ll circle from behind, you see if you can knock him off his perch with the mop)
Mr Atomic: roger wilco

[Sounds off footsteps followed by demonic howls of hell like horror]