A Busy Blog Hiatus

coverI’m going out into the wilds for several days late this week/next week, far from reliable phone coverage and places to charge phones.

In the interim, starting Thursday morning Australian time will be the TWENTY-TWO PART serialisation of the annotated version of the early example of British genre fiction BEWARE THE CAT!

Each post has an introductory chatty bit which contains my mangled understanding of Tudor history, reformation theology and cat psychology, followed by a hefty chunk of my edited-for-readability-and-spelling version of Beware the Cat.

To cram it all in there will actually be several posts per day – so the blog will actually be busier than when I’m actually running it.

Please do leave comments and corrections and tall tales of spooky talking cats but be aware that I’ll not be answering them reliably. If you find a comment has been caught by the spam trap I’ll not be able to fish it out until later in January.

Everything is set to go in the blog post scheduler – so each post should appear in sequence (usually two posts per day but on some days 3 or 4). I think all the formatting is sorted but sometimes there is a mismatch between the WordPress preview and the real thing – I won’t be able to fix that until I’ve returned from the depths of the Australian bush.

Honestly, I think it is well worth a read. There are some crazy cat antics and a priest gets poo on his face and somebody eats some cat poo and there are Irish werewolves and brigand gets strangled by a kitten*. Also, at the end, you’ll have read a key part of the development of English literature! Poo jokes AND educational!

*[It’s not all hi-jinks. There are some darker aspects but I’ll point those out before hand]


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3 responses to “A Busy Blog Hiatus”

  1. Have a really fun and relaxing holiday CF, sounds like you have some stargazing coming up …


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