Draft Timeline Update

This is the draft of Hugo 2016 section of the Puppy Kefuffle Timeline. Once this section is done, I’ll call the timeline done and complete. Any further events, kefuffles etc won’t be included on this timeline.

Suggestions, edits, typo-corrections all welcome. The interval between slates/lists being announced and the nominations being announced is a bit lacking in events. I haven’t included much on the 3SV and EPH+ discussions yet either.

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6 responses to “Draft Timeline Update”

  1. There were some more SP4 list removal requests if you want to document them – Bryan Thomas Schmidt (in SP4 comments), Schlock Mercenary, Damage.


  2. Thanks for mentioning Rocket Stack Rank‘s analysis of the puppy voting, but to be fair, you should also mention that it turned out to be a 50% underestimate. I think my Slate Voting Analysis Using EPH Data was far more accurate.

    I’m not sure if you’ll find them useful, but the tables linked to from that report have info on who was from a slate, who withdrew, etc. as well as all the raw data for 2014-2016. It can be handy to have all that info in one place.


  3. There’s not a date for the Rabid Puppy announcement. I think it was within a day of the Sads.


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