Time To Check in Wikitrainwreck aka Voxopedia

Oh, Voxopedia what have you been up to? To nobody’s surprise, the small cadre of editors have been obsessed a little about paedophilia in that special Alt-Right way which manages to combine self-righteous outrage with no actual commitment to child protection. Having said that their ‘Pizzagate’ article on the Alt-Right/neofascist’s campaign against a pizza restaurant that had the temerity to be mentioned in a hacked Democrat’s email *almost* helps justify the existence of something like Voxopedia. I say that because trying to make sense of that particular mess of whatever-that-was is nigh impossible from primary sources and so having the Voxopedia guys try and document what their canonical beliefs are on the matter could potentially be a useful reference.

Elsewhere, there has been some mild pushback on the Miles Mathis Pi=4 guy’s page, with another editor timidly suggesting that maybe pi might not actually be 4. Also Fenris (aka Vox Day) has dropped by to update the page on Vox Day (aka Fenris).


The graph is counting edits in the same way as a previous post and not all changes are included there. I think the shape may be misleading. It has a bit of an ogive/logistic curve look to it but I don’t think it is actually reaching an upper limit/asymptote there. It’s just slowing down.

New pages are plodding along in the same linear way as they were several weeks ago.


Little spurts (no, not my nickname for Voxopedia editors) of activity are when somebody makes a page and also makes some redirect pages as well with variations on the page name.

But the graph that shows best what is going on with Voxopedia is this one:


This is the same data as the first graph but the green curve is the number of edits with the top two editors removed. Yup, basically this is a two-person wiki for most intents and purposes. As with last time, one other editor is doing changes not caught by the data in the graph (‘Crew’ who manages new members) but the bulk of substantive edits are from one editor (‘Idris’).

Notice how, from mid-November, the two curves start moving in parallel? Basically, the two editors have reduced the amount of changes they make.

I don’t know if the Alt-Right has a disparaging term for people who run around doing all the work for everybody else, but I’m sure they must because they have disparaging terms for most things.

Lastly and leastly, the associated blog designed to keep Voxopedia’s massive base of users informed https://infogalactic.blogspot.com.au/ has not had a new post since October.

9 thoughts on “Time To Check in Wikitrainwreck aka Voxopedia

  1. “Little spurts (no, not my nickname for Voxopedia editors)…”

    I feel really bad about how hard I laughed at this.

    Wait. No, I don’t.


      1. And now I’ve been listening to REM songs for an hour and remembering how much I loved them as a young person. Michael Stipe is brilliant, plaintive and iconoclastic, misanthropic and impish — it’s the best combination. The hateful fascist right will never win because they cannot generate this sort of beauty or humour or compassion; they can only sully and scarify and tear down. Cold comfort at the moment, but the long arc of history and all …..

        I have no idea how many lives Michael Stipe saved with this one song alone but I’m betting it’s more than a few.

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  2. Predictably, the idiot starts throwing around (unsupported) statistics about his vanity project.

    You have him dancing to your tune, Cam. Now, I’m not up on the juvenile bullshit terminology they use, but doesn’t that make him your Gamma Cuck or something?


  3. Literally the day after you post this, Teddy gets some “fan mail” up on the infogalactic blog page… Weird coincidence right?

    One post in two months for this project that’s going to destroy Wikipedia is still shockingly poor though.


    1. And now he’s whimpering “On a completely unrelated note, the daily average pageviews at Infogalactic have nearly doubled since October and are now rivaling this blog. I’m looking forward to it leaving VP in the very distant dust in the near future. For all that the SJWs would like it to be, Infogalactic has never been about me or my politics. I just want a better dynamic knowledge core for everyone.

      He’s your little bitch, Cam – he can’t help himself when you prick his narcissism. See how well you can make him dance by pointing out more of his stupidity.

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