Currently Reading: The Liberation by Ian Tregillis (Alchemy Wars 3)

I’ve enjoyed the first two books in this series and the third is off to a good start. A revolution of clockwork robots is now in full swing. The exiled government of France has survived as a consequence and the evil Dutch Empire is in trouble.

Seriously, the Dutch are some of the nicest people in the world – I do like that Tregillis decided to pick on the Netherlands as the hegemonic European power in this alternate history fantasy.



  1. lunarg

    I really enjoyed Tregillis’ Milkweed triligy, but felt it was best read as a cluster; you would lose a lot be reading the third book, in particular, some time after the other two. I’ve been waiting to start with the klakkers until all the books were out, in case this series was the same. Looks like I can begin!