The Alt-right and misogyny


Discussions on the term ‘alt-right’ both among the left and in the media have got more sophisticated in the past week. For example here is the Associated Press’s Blog discussing the term:

“Alt-right” (quotation marks, hyphen and lower case) may be used in quotes or modified as in the “self-described” or “so-called alt-right” in stories discussing what the movement says about itself.

Avoid using the term generically and without definition, however, because it is not well known and the term may exist primarily as a public-relations device to make its supporters’ actual beliefs less clear and more acceptable to a broader audience. In the past we have called such beliefs racist, neo-Nazi or white supremacist.

That is a good move but I think it is still lacking. The problem is how to discuss differences without sounding like you are minimising some aspect of neo-Nazis or the alt-right.

Brianna Wu tweeted some criticism of the AP piece that highlighted the glaring omission in the AP’s description:

Nazis were misogynistic and the Alt-right are racist BUT the roles misogyny and racism play in those movements are different. It isn’t that somehow the misogyny of the Nazis was OK or a lesser evil or that the racism of the alt-right is not deeply disturbing – both movements are appalling in either dimension. However, the misogyny of the alt-right is more key to their identity and to their behaviour.

In addition, misogyny has been the gateway for the alt-right to recruit young men into a racist movement. The current alt-right has deep and continuing connections with misogynistic ‘men’s rights’ style movements as well as with the supposed pick-up artist groups and dodgy ‘self-improvement’ and pseudo-psychology. In each case, there is a strong element of the alt-right playing on sexual insecurities of young men.

At the same time, the alt-right have tended to prefer nationalism and racism to self-define their movement. For example, Vox Day’s 16 principles of the alt-right overtly includes a white-supremacist credo as point 14 (the number chosen to highlight the source). Yet women are the most consistent personal targets of Alt-right campaigns. Anti-women viewpoints (including views that promote or legitimise sexual assault) are central to their messaging. Even their anti-immigrant propaganda is centred on sexual fears – often phrased in terms that imply women are territory or property at risk of being stolen or violated that they see as properly belonging to white men.

In short, the alt-right seeks to exploit the sexual insecurities of men to recruit and promote an overtly racist agenda while targeting women and feminism for harassment.



  1. Mark

    So, if misogyny is the gateway-drug for the “so-called alt-right” is that a particular feature of the “so-called alt-right”, or is it primarily a function of their recruiting grounds – the toxic ends of chan culture and the nastier side of gamer culture?
    I think your conclusion is the former? and I might agree – there’s something fundamental about the way it pervades their culture. It’s no coincidence that GG caught fire with the opportunity to attack women – indeed, way back I observed that VD’s primary reason for dipping his toe into what was then the “quinnspiracy” was that it was a convenient chance to bash a woman.


    • camestrosfelapton

      I think it is at least the second option but it may the first option as well – it may be the ultimate objective.

      Here is an example. Larry Correia, Brad Torgersen, John C Wright’s personal background and/or family choices are each implicitly criticized in Vox Day’s Cuckservative. However, of the various pups it was Sarah Hoyt he attacked by name on his blog. Further, when Vox attacks a man it is always in terms of that man being to some extent feminised.

      Misogyny is the glue of the alt-right that sticks all the other nonsense together.


  2. thephantom182

    One would think, given the recent repudiation of the mainstream press by the American voter, and also by their own readership, that the AP would have learned a bit of caution.

    One would be wrong, apparently. The included “definition” for “alt-right” encompasses anyone who even questions multiculturalism and smears them as a white supremacist. Brianna Wu would like to expand that to include anyone to the right of Trigglypuff, doubling down with the added smear misogynist.

    This I think marks the main difference between a Conservative and a Liberal. A Conservative will get a bad shock from something and pull his hand away, thereafter proceeding with caution. A Liberal will pull his hand away for a second, then shove in both hands.


    • camestrosfelapton

      //A Conservative will get a bad shock from something and pull his hand away, thereafter proceeding with caution.//

      I think Vox would characterise that as conservatives are cowards who are easily intimidated into silence.


      • thephantom182

        Clearly Vox is an idiot, also one who has never worked on anything mechanical. The same could be said of Brianna Wu. I find that wild-eyed political types are never the ones who actually do the work, even flaming red unionists in factories. They -supervise-, a euphemism for being the one guy in the place with clean overalls.

        Caution is something you learn from being around things that can kill you. Cars, 600 volt power lines, cows, really long drops, etc.


      • camestrosfelapton

        Good point about the ones who do the work. It reminds of that time when I had a blog and I’d be slaving away collating facts, drawing charts, finding evidence and there was this one guy who’d just sit on the sidelines spouting political slogans.

        Ah, memories. It feels like only yesterday…

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      • thephantom182

        Political slogan: Facebook is going to be presenting “curated” news from “trusted partners.”

        Like the AP, whose very definition of “alt-right” is a calculated smear. Or, like the New York Times, who have admitted being 100% in the tank for Hillary and still are.

        Meanwhile the IRS continues to function as a political body, despite court orders.

        Draw me a chart of positive coverage on Hillary vs. Trump.

        There are no sidelines, Camestros. Even in foreign nations.


    • Aaron

      One would think, given the recent repudiation of the mainstream press by the American voter, and also by their own readership, that the AP would have learned a bit of caution.

      The AP is dedicated to reporting truthfully, even if the American public decides it likes lies more. You don’t seem to have a trouble with lies, so this probably confuses you.

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