Month: Dec 2016

  • Timeline Update

    Thanks to everybody for suggestions, edits etc. A complete update of the Kerfuffle Timeline is now on the permanent page here I’ll continue to make corrections and tweaks as needed but I’m calling the story complete at this point.

  • Farewell 2016

  • Draft Timeline Update

    This is the draft of Hugo 2016 section of the Puppy Kefuffle Timeline. Once this section is done, I’ll call the timeline done and complete. Any further events, kefuffles etc won’t be included on this timeline. Suggestions, edits, typo-corrections all welcome. The interval between slates/lists being announced and the nominations being announced is a bit […]

  • Review: Rogue One

    [Update: Wrote this yesterday and put it on schedule for later. Woke up this morning to learn that Carrie Fisher has died. I omitted from the review (so it would be a minor surprise for anybody who didn’t know already) that there is a CGI Princess Leia near the very end of the film receiving […]

  • Review: The Return of Doctor Misterio – 2016 Dr Who Christmas Special

    Steven Moffat is many things but one thing he is, in particular, is a writer of romantic comedies. The much-discussed sexism that runs through his work is the sexism that rests on a notion of men and women being intrinsically different but in mutually funny ways from which can spring glib generalities and plot-driving misunderstandings. […]

  • Review: Sci-fi Chronicles

    Father Christmas brought me a big thick SF encyclopaedia thing called ‘sci-fi chronicles’. It’s fun and colourful but with an emphasis on film and TV as a measure of notability. However, its use of timelines provides a neat way of showing the development of particular properties across different media.

  • Christmas Sunday Beer: Even More Jesus Imperial Stout

    1 pint 12% alcohol – tastes like being hit on the head by a chocolate pudding. Drank this on Christmas Eve while watching a re-run of the 2014 Dr Who Christmas Special. 12% puts it in wine territory but it felt stronger.

  • Merry Christmas Everybody

  • Rewatching The Poseidon Adventure

    There has been some debate on the Intertubes about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I don’t see much of an issue with that – seems very much a Christmas movie. However, I wonder if, like many British people, I have a skewed perspective from a notion of Christmas being a time when TV […]

  • Review: Babylon’s Ashes (Expanse 6) James SA Corey

    Maybe not the Expanse novel readers in 2016 might want but certainly the one most in keeping with the year. Six novels in and with a TV series also, the ‘universe’ (OK mainly a solar system) of the Expanse now has a wide set of characters and background. Babylon’s Ashes makes full use of […]