Review: Class Ep5 Detained

A low-budget ‘bottle episode’ that really plays well to the strengths of Class.

The Scooby gang are all placed in detention by Ms Quill (whose parallel adventure is the subject of next week’s episode). Unfortunately, a random encounter between the rift and a freaky asteroid leads to the whole room being pulled into a prison dimension. One by one the cast are forced to confess secrets…

The young cast are all excellent actors and they pull off some great performances here. The jealousies and emotions between each of them are played out well and convincingly. In particular, Tanya (Vivian Oparah) brilliantly demonstrates that she would be the default leader of the group but the dynamics of age and the group’s own insecurities prevent it.

Nice that Matteusz seems to be now regarded as one of the group but there are further hints that he’ll get killed off to create extra angst for Charlie the alien prince.

2 thoughts on “Review: Class Ep5 Detained

  1. Pluses: no terrible fight choreography
    Minuses: no Quill
    Looking forward to: the Quillstravaganza next week.

    I feel like a lot of the things in this episode were already more or less established in earlier episodes but neatly brought to a head for some good talky tension.


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