Class: Nightvisiting (Ep 3)

A low-key episode with spooky themes. The streets around Coal Hill Academy are visited by the apparent ghosts of the dead – but why are they all physically connected to mucus dripping tentacles?

I thought this was a strong episode but it rested on the kind of story that suits the SFF-horror style. The story breaks the regular cast members up into four groups. Tanya and Ms Quill separately confront dead relatives, while elsewhere Charlie & Matteusz and Ram & April follow more romantic side stories.

Constrained by budgets, Class ends up being a very talky sort of show.By keeping the SFF plot and threat relatively simple, the conversations in this episode helped build characters rather than have characters be explained in brief X-is-a-Y-person infodump.




  1. Mark

    Low key is spot on, but the story suited the atmosphere and they got some good development in.
    Miss Quill is still the standout character.