This should cheer everybody up – a picture of a slug



Everybody: That isn’t helping.
Phantom: Unless the slug is riding a unicycle it doesn’t count.




  1. KR

    Phantom Round 2: that’s not a slug that’s a lobster. Show me one single slug that is that shape and colour. You can’t it’s a hoax. You should beat up your biology teacher.


    Phantom: Vox is right, of course you would double down. There’s simply no evidence of slugs existing against a black background. It’s a media conspiracy. Also slugs are found in graveyards and are probably voting DemocRat.

    Conchologist in back row: Sea slugs can exist at a depth of 2,500 meters below sea level where light cannot penetrate.

    Phantom: This is a lobster.

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  2. KR

    Weird; the second line didn’t post. You can cut and past back in if you want, CF and delete this. or just leave as amended. The line read:

    Commentariat: ** posts 1,000,00 google images of slugs and lobsters, research papers, affidavits from invertebrate zoologists, and a nod from the guy manning the tank at Red Lobster restaurants**

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  3. lunarg

    What, no griping that the slug isn’t at a cattle ranch in Greenland?
    Trivia moment: the sports mascot for the University of California, Santa Cruz is the banana slug.

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  4. Mark

    There is a shadow clearly visible on the slug, indicating a lightsource, and yet no surface is visible beneath the slug.
    Conclusion: the slug is not terrestrial in nature, but is in fact an eldrich alien slug floating in a featureless void. This proves everything! [Citation needed]

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  5. Bbz

    Banana slugs are 8-10″ long and yellow. I attended a Banana Slug festival once. Among the foods on offer were banana Slug quiche and bacon-wrapped slugs on toothpicks. Many people attended in costume. California in all its sweet and wacky whimsicality. I sort of miss it.

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    • Mark

      “I attended a Banana Slug festival once.”

      Ok, I actually thought this was some deep surrealistic joke, but I googled it and it’s a real thing.

      They probably ride unicycles too.

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