This is the best time zone to watch the POTUS election

It’s morning – not quite morning tea time in Australia. I have a day off work and also a cheese sandwich. I have the excellent APCO Election Guide and Twitter is abuzzing.

Bring it on America.



  1. lauowolf

    Where in Australia?
    The kid is in Canberra.
    I just dropped off her absentee ballot, and got an I Voted sticker for her.
    We may well Skype.


  2. lauowolf

    They are very down on Sydney.
    I’m assuming this is like East Coast kids versus New York.

    Ah, did you ever come across @docrocktex26
    Texas political blogger.
    Has kept me calm the last few weeks.
    At this point I’m mostly concerned about the Senate.


    • camestrosfelapton

      Sydney is both lovely and easy to hate. I like Canberra, a sleepy country town but populated by civil servants and brilliant museums. It feels like a Star Trek setting.
      “Welcome Captain Kirk. We are the Canberrans. Welcome to our city of museums. Your crew must be tired – let them relax or play on the peddle-boats on our lake”


  3. Mark

    Is there *anywhere* that has elections that are convenient for their own time zones? I mean, why not just say “tell you what, no results until 9am tomorrow, everyone just head off to bed”?


      • Mark

        That’s much more civilised.

        British general elections are incredibly badly timed. Apart from some artificially early drama of Sunderland rushing to deliver the news of their cast iron Labour win, all the excitement happens in the wee hours of the morning.