Suggested Sticker Design


The text could be snappier.



  1. thephantom182

    Camestros, didn’t you hear? The President of the USA said just because you’re not an American is no reason you can’t vote. If you hustle yourself on a plane you can probably cast a vote for Hillary in several contested races across the nation.


      • thephantom182

        I don’t know if you are aware of this or not Aaron, but Snopes is a politically partisan website these days. They threw down for the Dems, big time.

        I just read the speech. 🙂


      • Aaron

        It is pretty clear that you didn’t read Obama’s comments, since they weren’t part of a speech. They were part of an interview, the entirety of which is available to watch if you were to actually care about the truth. From your comments, it is clear that you watched the wild-eyed claims accompanied by a deceptively edited version of the video, and didn’t bother to check the source material, as usual.

        Also, the notion that Snopes is politically partisan is an alt-right conspiracy theory that is unsupported by facts, so you’re really digging your own grave at this point.