So What is Going On in Vox Land Just Prior to Election Day?

Um. Unfortunately, having resorted to describing the position on Vox Day’s websites re the US election as gibbering nonsense, I’m not bereft of words to describe the level of nonsense.

In the final days, the conspiracy theories have run off the rails and are making weird bubbling noises in a swamp. Essentially, the current claims are that the hacked emails do reveal terrible crimes but ONLY if you read them using special code. Read the code correctly and a world of demonology is revealed. Defeatist talk has been banned in a manner that sounds like Vox is trying to script his own Downfall parody of himself

BUT do not get cocky. Yes, this all indicates a group of people desperately trying to rationalize what looks like a looming defeat. It is manifestly IS desperate clutching at straws. However, remember that Vox and the alt-right have no special insight into the facts on the ground – indeed their level of knowledge of what the actual state of play might be is negative because of how they engage with facts. Just because they are acting like they are losing does not mean that they are losing.

In short – if you are eligible to vote in the US Presidential election and haven’t already done so, then please do so. Remember this actually the nice timeline – the other one has weasel flu. Optimism is a weapon but only if it motivates action.



  1. KasaObake

    Utterly bonkers. Every time I think he couldn’t possibly sound more insane he outdoes himself. It’s been… Interesting, watching his journey to mayor of crazytown.


  2. Mark

    Ummm, what? Now he’s signal boosting crazed reddit conspiracy theories that make some sort of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon claims to link Hillary to….Madeleine McCann???

    Do you think he can even _see_ the shark from way up there?


    • KasaObake

      I’m quite certain that if Ted was to try to jump the shark he’d miscalculate and land in its mouth. All the while proclaiming that it was exactly what he meant to do.

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