Voxopedia – it’s even crappier

In a series of Tweets about our favourite encyclopedia/train-wreck, El said:

Well, in a data grabbing exercise I’ve been looking at how the number of new pages has been growing. In doing so I collected data on the main space, non-minor edits since October and tabulated new pages. There are about 100 new pages that have been created but I only noticed one about a video game:  http://infogalactic.com/info/Etrian_Odyssey_2_Untold:_The_Fafnir_Knight

The truth of Voxopedia is even worse than El’s putdown: even in the space of video games it lags seriously behind Wikipedia despite being a clone. There simply aren’t enough people editing to keep up with events even in a more constrained field such as video games – never mind current affairs.

Meanwhile Vox boasts: http://voxday.blogspot.com.au/2016/11/infogalactic-update.html

“We now have 540 registered Galaxians. Not a single edit war yet.”

There’s a reason for that. The majority of non-minor edits* are being done by one user. Three user account for over 80% of the non-minor edits.

Of those others adding new pages, well some are zen-like in their simplicity: http://infogalactic.com/info//MagicTest

Tomorrow, graphs!

*[probably minor edits as well but I didn’t gather those]


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  1. Oh, this thing is the gift that just keeps giving. Looks like VD gave you your very own October surprise. 🙂


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