Halloween Story: The Haunted Website

High on a hill overlooking the rest of the Internet was the ancient website known only as “The Dragon Awards”. Bedecked with Gothic carvings of dragons it had once hosted arcane rituals involving ‘nominating’ the most dangerous of books – tomes containing accounts of unnatural beasts, impossible realities and, on occasion, poorly laid out covers.

Yet for the longest time the website had been, apparently abandoned, with only one cryptic message written in blood, or maybe Times New Roman:

Check back in October for information about voting for the Dragon Awards in 2017

Only one brave cat dared approach this website. He crept nervously past the statues of the great Dragon Award Winners of the past – the mighty Correia, the behatted Wright, that other guy…

But when the timorous cat reached the website….

And clicked on the ‘News’ section, his paw trembling nervously…




So ends out spooky tale of mystery and horror!