Dragon Award Nominations Open – The Power of Timothy’s Mindset Proven

Simply via sheer force of his cat-mind, Timothy has reversed the trend of decline on the Dragon Award website from a gradual erosion of announcements to 2017 NOMINATIONS NOW BEING OPEN!


Do NOT doubt the power of this cat’s mindset. Less than 24 hours after the epoch making publication of WALRUS MINDSET the Dragon Awards finally open their nominations again. If that is what Timothy’s proven methods of self-improvement can do in a few hours, just imagine what he can do for you!



  1. Mark

    (Pssst, the title says Dargon awards. I thought it was a Timothy-inspired spoof!)

    I’m not clear why they’ve opened noms so early. There’s eight months of eligibility to go, and I don’t think their process lets you amend your choices?

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