Month: Nov 2016

  • Weird Internet Ideas: DDT

    This is a compilation of comments I made in reply to a comment on File770 here: ‘Bring back DDT. “The ban on DDT,” says Gwadz of the National Institutes of Health, “may have killed 20 million children.” Who was more dangerous, Rachel Carson or Pol Pot?’ The answer is Pol Pot.
 Rachel Carson killed […]

  • Sunday Beer:

  • Gratuitous Cat Picture

    Just a posting test.

  • Has the Tor Boycott Ended?

    The answer is probably not because a Puppy of one kind or another will read this post and insist that actually the boycott is going full strength and even now they have enlisted the power of the heat death of the universe to destroy Tor books using the inevitable outcomes of thermodynamics. However, has it […]

  • Review: Star Trek Beyond

    Review: Star Trek Beyond

    I wish I had seen this earlier. Not a startlingly brilliant movie nor does it push the edges of what a Star Trek movie can be. However, of the current sequence, it is the one that gets closest to the story aesthetic of Trek. The villain (played by Iris Elba in heavy prosthetics) is interesting. […]

  • {book title}

    Inspired by an unfinished edit.

  • Review: Class Ep5 Detained

    A low-budget ‘bottle episode’ that really plays well to the strengths of Class. The Scooby gang are all placed in detention by Ms Quill (whose parallel adventure is the subject of next week’s episode). Unfortunately, a random encounter between the rift and a freaky asteroid leads to the whole room being pulled into a prison […]

  • Currently playing: Pokemon – Moon

    New Pokemon time! Harassed by younger, more competitive members of the house, I have relented and started playing the most recent Pokemon game on the 3DS. The usual fun but with fancier graphics – but it’s also a lot more chatty and has more cut scenes than usual.

  • Review: Night Without Stars – Chronicle of the Fallers part 2

    Technically, this is the second part of a longer story but in many ways it is structured as a stand-alone novel. This is seventh of Hamilton’s Commonwealth set novels, part of a second set of novels set around the ‘void’ – a mysterious space anomaly inside of which humans are both trapped and have access […]

  • Margins of error

    I suspect most people who read this blog know all this already but I’ve met the same misunderstanding at work recently and also in the context of the opinion polls around the POTUS election. So here is a simplified explanation. Imagine I have a great big jar of jelly beans, which are the favoured confectionary […]