The Ultimate Scare: Walrus Mindset!

Spooky talking cats! Unpleasant right-wing self-help! Haunted trams! Demonic spiders! Donald Trump winning the election! All the scariest things you can imagine and some things you really shouldn’t imagine!

Yes, the spookiest tale of horror, and positive thinking is here as a special download by clicking this link:


Go on – try it! You won’t regret it! Well you might regret it…possibly you will regret it but you’ll have had fun! Maybe.



  1. KR

    I knew it! Timothy’s in cahoots with the FBI, timing his new release to affect the election. He’s in the tank for Trump! I bet he has entire cemeteries on his subscription list, just to drive him his circulation numbers!!1!!!!!1!!!!!

    Japi Jalowin desde Colombia, where the entire country appears to be dressed up in costume.


  2. Lurkertype

    It’s the finest self-help book by a cat and featuring satsuma spiders I ever read!

    My only objection is it didn’t contain the word yooooge. It’s the best word, everyone says so.


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