Say, Camestros what’s your new fave Voxopedia page? [Update]

Why, I’m glad you asked that question, disembodied voice that writes the blogpost titles. My new favourite Voxopediapage is:


  1. If I was trying to invent a parody title for a Voxopedia page, it wouldn’t be half as funny/apt as that one.
  2. It really delivers in terms of just being a bunch of half-arsed crap that somebody thinks might be the case.
  3. When you click on the contextual link it contradicts what the article says (e.g. click on ‘stirrup’)
  4. It reads like a short transcript of somebody arguing loudly in a pub.
  5. ‘Asian men’s inventions’ sounds like some kind of euphemism.

[Update] Sadly, I didn’t webarchive it and then apparently it went off in all sorts of weird directions, redirects and then was removed. The page and the changes don’t appear in Recent Changes but does appear in the Deletion Log

RIP List of Asian Men’s Inventions! For a brief moment, you forced us evil leftists to mock Voxopedia rather than ignore it.

[Update 2] Here it is and archive

17 thoughts on “Say, Camestros what’s your new fave Voxopedia page? [Update]

  1. That is delightfully terrible. One assumes the page for Asian women’s inventions was disputed into non-existence. Also: I dispute their definition of Asia (or are they disputing the existence/location of the Indian subcontinent?) J’accuse! Je dispute. I DISPUTE !!! 🙂


      1. …and now the no-redirect link goes to a page of manga porn and Trump photos!

        I’m not sure that’s the association they really wanted to go for either, but whatever floats their boats!


      2. I’m quite impressed by the speed of their descent. It’s gone:
        We’ll be the best encyclopedia evar!
        Copying an out of date Wikipedia
        Ego-buffing their personal pages
        Renaming things to suit their political opinions
        Settling scores
        Rewriting gamergate and “correcting” Zoe Quinn
        Erasing women’s contributions to STEM subjects
        Introducing deliberate factual errors for humour purposes
        And now…defacing their own encyclopedia with porn.

        I honestly didn’t expect it to go that badly that quickly.

        (Anticipating an objection: the images in question are from the wiki page on Hentai, where they are of course legitimate representations of the subject matter. Using them in unrelated pages is what constitutes defacement of those pages.)

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      3. Yup, they’ve deleted it. Insert comment of your choice about traveling in a retrograde fashion with tails positioned between legs.


    1. It’s the Internet, and a site with a higher than normal distribution of trolling man-babies. I give it 90 days before a full third of the site is porn or porn adjacent.

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