Voxopedia: an aside with graphs

No, I’m not obsessing 🙂

A separate conversation about numbers, which fed into questions about numbers of rabid puppy voters etc etc, made me look at data from the voxopedia website on numbers of users. And then I drew a graph. The graph isn’t intended to draw a moral or point out anything remarkable other than – look, a graph!

Marked dates: BF – VD advertised a brainstorm session on ‘Project Big Fork’ for his subscribers. VP – is the official announcement on his website. In that announcement he thanked the ‘172 original galaxians’, so I’ve marked that position also.




  1. KasaObake

    So far it looks like the figures tally very closely to estimates made about his impact elsewhere. 160-170 people with whom he has more direct contact, ~600 or so minions who follow his blog closely… It’ll be interesting to see if and where this graph begins to level off in the coming months.


  2. KR

    I think I read over on their comment thread that their business plan projects their user numbers eventually to supersede those of Wikipedia in 36 months.

    ** runs off to check the entry on Optimism to see if it is hyper-linked to the one on Delusion **

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