Vox now attempting to defend Voxopedia edits…

New post up at Voxpopoli has Vox day defending his wiping women off his wikipedia-clone’s ‘Science’ page: http://voxday.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/sjws-are-bitter-about-infogalactic.html

Our email correspondent is correct, as it appears Cameltoes understands the difference between “science” and “political activism directed at science” about as well as he grasps the difference between “dialectic” and “rhetoric”.

Sadly Vox appears not to understand the page he edited. As a quick trip to the original page on Wikipedia will show the section “Women in science” was in the “Science and society” part of the page. Gender and gender roles are an important part of the social aspects of most fields. That isn’t even a feminist claim – for example, it follows even from Vox Day’s own society-is-a-bad-1980’s-high-school-movie theory of sociology.

It’s true, the “women in science” section has been deleted from the Science page. Why? First, because there is absolutely no case whatsoever that justifies its inclusion there. Second, because there is already a separate and detailed Women in Science page that is, quite correctly, devoted to the subject.

At which point I begin to wonder if Vox has ever read an encyclopaedia. For example, the ‘Science policy’ sub-sub-section of the Science page also has its own page, as does the ‘Funding of science’ sub-sub-section, as does the ‘Philosophy of science’ sub-section, as does ‘Scientific literature’, ‘Branches of science’, ‘Scientific community’, ‘Mathematics’ (!), ‘The scientific method’ etc. Why? Because the main ‘Science’ page is a survey of the different topics on which people outside of the encyclopaedia have collected & researched a body of knowledge and theories and on which there has been informed discussion i.e. stuff you can write encyclopaedia entries about.

The topic “women in science” is an entirely separate subject than the topic of “science” for the same and obvious reason that the person sitting inside the car is not the car. Moreover, if “women in science” was a legitimate aspect of the topic “science”, then literally every topic would obviously need a similar “women in x” section.

It is as legitimate a sub-category to include in a page that surveys related topics to ‘science’ (i.e.what the page is about) as any. That’s why the topic has its own main page. It is true that the person sitting in the car is not the car, but it is also true that the bank loan used to pay for the car isn’t the car either and yet the part about the funding of science hasn’t been removed.

Nope, the section on women has been removed because Vox doesn’t want women to be mentioned. It is as simple as that.

Infogalactic threatens that control and the SJWs know it. They’re already past the Ignore phase and have entered the Mocking phase, which is remarkably fast considering that we only launched it one week ago.

It was even quicker than that Vox, I was mocking it before you even publically launched it 🙂



  1. lastcallistanbul

    It’s clear that the biggest barrier for Voxopedia isn’t technical – even though they may not actually have the resources to develop it as planned – but the fact that the contributors are either not credible (Vox) or idiots (his minions).

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  2. Mark

    Vox is wrong. We entered the Mocking Phase immediately, and are unlikely to leave it.

    What’s most telling is not that he’s modifying his own little version of reality, but where he’s started – ego-buffing himself and his fueds, and now getting girl-cooties out of his science. Shows what bits of reality he’s least comfortable with.

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  3. snowcrash

    Yeah, I find that confusing. Did Day think that there was ever a chance that one of his newfangled projects (launched to hide the misfire that was the *last* newfangled project) would have started anywhere other than the Mocking Phase?

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  4. KasaObake

    What Mark said. I was sure our roadmap for this project had “Mockery” as phase 1. I believe phase 2 is “more mockery” and phase 3 is “get bored and ignore the silly vanity project”. So far, we’re on target!

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