Weird Internet Ideas: The Voting Dead

Are dead people voting in the US elections? No. At least not in any significant numbers.

Former mayor of New York, Rudy Guilliani is reported as saying “I’m sorry, dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans,”

Oh, if only I had some way of checking this using sources that Republicans would regard as reliable! Oh, wait, I do! Back to the Heritage Foundation ‘database’ and let’s see how many dead people have been voting.

Oh, wait, I do! Back to the Heritage Foundation ‘database’ and let’s see how many dead people have been voting…

Not many, is the answer, about 30 at most in a database that mainly covers this century and a wide variety of election. The biggest example was from the New York Police, as a demonstration that it was possible as part of an operation – I haven’t counted that as an actual case of dead people voting. I have included the voter registration examples that came up but there is no actual indication that these dead people voted. Most of the clear cases of the dead voting are cases of somebody voting on behalf of a recently deceased near relatives (some quite touchingly). The funniest one was a case of identity theft in which the guy also registered as a voter as part and parcel of getting a drivers license.

Here are all the cases I could find. The number at the start represents the number of actual dead people that may have voted.



  1. KR

    More proof the election is being rigged! The voting date falls a week after Hallowe’en / Dia de los Muertos … because the risen zombie undead move slowly and they need that long to stagger to the polls. I smell a (democ)RAT !!!11!1!!!!!


    • JJ

      Phantom, I read that article, and it’s all, “Well, we could do this, and we might be able to do that, and it should be possible to do this other thing.” The one thing I saw actually admitted to was planting someone in a campaign crowd, which is, ya know… not illegal. There are some allegations in the article, but no cited specific incidents. You’ll have to do a little better than that if your goal is to provide evidence… because that’s not evidence.

      Also, that guy isn’t even anywhere close to 50 years old, so he can’t possibly have been “rigging elections for 50 years”.


      • thephantom182

        So if there’s no fire there, why did the company he works for fire that guy, JJ? Just wondering what pretzelization you’ll come up with for that.

        Incidentally, every single mainstream media outlet spiked that video earlier. Every. Single. One. Drudge has it all to himself again. Just like Monica Lewinsky. I bet that you are too young to remember the Blue Dress, JJ. I’m not. I remember the whole thing well. The media pulled out all the stops to spike that one too, and failed.


      • JJ

        thephantom182: So if there’s no fire there, why did the company he works for fire that guy, JJ?

        Because he’s a drunken blowhard trying to impress someone with how important and powerful he is (n’t), he clearly can’t be trusted to behave like a responsible adult, and he made his employer look bad? How do you not understand this?

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    • Aaron

      Incidentally, every single mainstream media outlet spiked that video earlier. Every. Single. One.

      That’s because, unlike you and Drudge, they aren’t far right loons drinking conspiracy theory Kool-Aid. You’ve got nothing of value, and if you weren’t steeped in paranoia, you’d realize this.


    • camestrosfelapton

      I’m sensing something…smells like a mix of denial and cow droppings.

      I’ve looked for your zombie voters and I picked overtly conservative sources. It is a TINY number and scattered over years and elections and parties.

      For this Democrat conspiracy to be true the Heritage Foundation would have to be on it, the previous Bush presidency would have had to be in on it as well! Republican governors would have to be in on it, the people claiming the conspiracy exist would have to be in on it! Maybe Hillary is trying to trick you into believing it!

      Now it is your turn. Concrete evidence of large scale numbers of votes in the name of DEAD PEOPLE or a retraction. If you cant do either then please don’t bother coming back.


      • thephantom182

        Alan Schulkin, Commissioner of the Board of Elections for New York City and Important DemoCrat Dude says they drive the zombie voters from poll to poll in buses. They get away with it because you do not have to come up with ID to vote. Just say you are some guy that didn’t vote yet that day. Like for example some guy who didn’t show up already due to being dead. They found 100,000 like that the last time they purged the rolls.

        So, okay, you got me Camestros. The zombie voters aren’t actually -dead-, technically speaking. Just lying and pretending to be somebody who is dead. Or missing. Or imaginary, that’s a thing too.

        And the guy on Fox News I posted above, despite the FOUR MILLION ineligible voters still on the roles, who are ineligible due to being -dead-, he did not say those actual dead people are showing up to vote. Just people pretending to be them.

        Yay, you win! Go Camestros! You the MAN, man!

        But, minor point of order, the Scientific Method is supposed to -dis-prove the hypothesis. Stamping your feet and pouting when evidence against the hypothesis is presented, that’s not how it works, old bean.

        A little background. Unlike you, I’ve actually lived in New York State. Quite a shock to an innocent Ontario boy it was too.

        The corruption of state and county government there is -amazing- in its depth and breadth. I lived in Putnam and Westchester counties, the bush leagues. I used to hear about crooked shit all the time, due to hanging out at the local gun shop and talking to off duty cops. Here’s one piece of corruption I knew about in the 1990s that finally got busted:

        But all kinds of things you’d hear about and roll your eyes. Scams that were so transparent you couldn’t believe they went on, but there they were, going on.

        In the mid 1990s the local university library did not have an internet connection. Because they didn’t have a modem. Because their county supplier “didn’t do modems” for a price the university could afford. They couldn’t go buy one at a the cheap guy in town, because county supplier. I offered to -give- them one. Nope. County supplier. No unauthorized equipment. Guido the computer guy would be “upset.” This is a fricking modem we’re talking about here.

        My buddy the gun shop guy could not have gun magazines (periodicals, y’unnerstand) in his store. The local supplier was “hooked up” as they say, and wouldn’t sell to him at a reasonable price. He couldn’t buy the magazines from a supplier outside his county, because Guido wouldn’t like it. Did I mention off duty cops hung out there? Didn’t matter. Now, if you were -friends- with Guido, that would be different, know what I mean? He didn’t want to be friends with Guido, because slime is sticky.

        Stuff like that you run into all day long in NYC. I’ve rarely been as happy as the day I shook the dust of that place off my feet and moved to Arizona. I miss my friends, but I do not miss NY. What a rat hole.

        That’s why I don’t like Trump. He’s a huge fricking shark swimming in the cesspool of NYC bigtime business, and therefore he is hooked up out the wazoo, baby. All kinds of slime sticking to him, oh yeah.

        The only NYC guy I’ve ever had any use for is Giuliani, he -decimated- the drug trade and the crooked police force. He even got rid of the graffiti. I was there at the time, I remember what he did. You probably hate the guy, because RAAAACIST right? You’ve been told to hate him. He’s a fascist hater/bigot dude, right?

        You never experienced the before and after of that place. He even fixed the fricking -roads-.

        Another little story. When I was in PT school, some of the girls in my class were from the Bronx. Tough chicks. One of them had a car. There were blisters on the sidewalls of all four tires of her car, and the wheel rims were bent. I had never seen such a thing. How the hell do you bend all the rims on your car? Tough Chick informed me they were caused by pot holes. So many pot holes, and so deep, that you had to crash through them like the friggin’ Baja 500 off-road race. Result, sidewall damage. I hit a pot hole in the middle of the Cross Bronx Expressway one time that launched a plastic coffee cup out of a clip-on cup holder, bounced it off the roof and dropped it in the back seat. That was a little one, according to her.

        Toward the end of Jiuliani’s mayoralty, that girl’s tires no longer had those blisters. He got roads fixed that had never seen a shovel in 20+ years. Probably haven’t seen one since.

        Hillary is from Arkansas. I’ve never lived there. I heard they give swimming lessons to NYC sharks, and made sure not to even drive through the place. Hilly and Billy are the head swimming instructors. They make the slime and sell it by the rail car full.

        But you’re 100% right, Camestros. Dead voters? Preposterous. Your extensive analysis of one (1) website and zero (0) on-site inspections is conclusive.

        By the way. You may have heard there were 1000 more shootings in Chicago this year than last year, by this date. It was on Drudge a couple days ago. Everybody says that’s down to gun control.

        If you go look at a Chicago crime map you’ll find that those shootings are -very- tightly clustered in a few small locations. I propose a different mechanism than lack of gun control. I suggest that if you follow the money instead of listening to idiots, you will discover that the actual reason for those clusters is real estate. That’s another Giuliani legacy in NYC. He busted the real estate rackets that kept places like Brownsville f-ed. Look it up.


      • camestrosfelapton

        Strike 1: It’ll stay up because it is at least vaguely an attempt.
        The request is evidence of people VOTING using the names of dead people.

        A guy said something on the internet? Nope, sorry not concrete evidence. If somebody is busing people around who then voted using the names of dead people then I want to see citations of people being prosecuted for doing so (and several please).
        It is certainly possible to catch and prosecute people for voter fraud – I’ve cited actual examples here on this blog.
        So, where are all the people caught for doing this?

        “Your extensive analysis of one (1) website ”
        Extensive analysis of the main source of Republican claims of voter fraud. Yes, that really does boil down to one website but complaining about the puacity of their evidence hardly does YOUR claims any favours now does it?

        You say something is happening. Hand waving and changing the topic is not how you show something is happening.

        I’ll let you have another go. Try and cut down on the off-topic rants for your second attempt. Stick to the subject that you demanded I address.


      • JJ

        I haven’t actually got any evidence of voting fraud, so I’ll babble on about corruption, and potholes, and sharks, and guns, and shootings, and blah blah blah, and maybe you won’t notice that I don’t have any evidence of voting fraud. 🙄


      • camestrosfelapton

        Yeah but somebody said something once, and look everybody knows these things and look at all these other things.

        So far I’ve actually cited more actual examples of voter fraud using the names of dead people than Phantom!

        He just *knows* it is true.


      • Aaron

        Alan Schulkin, Commissioner of the Board of Elections for New York City and Important DemoCrat Dude says they drive the zombie voters from poll to poll in buses.

        Actually, he doesn’t say that. He says someone could, if there is no voter ID, but not that anyone has. It would probably help you make better arguments if you actually paid attention to the sources you cite.

        Also, you’re basing your claims on an O’Keefe video. O’Keefe has been caught repeatedly doctoring footage to create deceptive videos. Any video from him is about as reliable as a three dollar bill. The reason no reputable news source has picked up his footage is that he’s been shown to be a flim flam artist many times over.

        You’ve literally got nothing but rumors and innuendo. The rest of what you’re peddling isn’t even reliable enough to be called hearsay – it is nothing more than “someone said someone said something”.


      • KasaObake

        It’s the sharks, Camestros, don’t you see! The potholes are so deep they connect to an underground ocean. They’re swimming up, pretending to be people and voting! Nobody in New York can tell anyone outside of the state because they can’t get a good deal on a modem – that “local supplier”? HE’S A SHARK TOO!!


  2. KasaObake

    As an aside, I found Jon Ronson’s recent short book “Elephant in the Room” quite interesting. I feel like it could do with being fleshed out a bit but as a brief glimpse into Trump’s campaign it’s both disturbing and enlightening.


      • KasaObake

        It’s mostly about Alex Jones and the loons he attracts – because Ronson actually knew Jones way back. There’s some things in there re Roger Stone, his involvement with Trump and affiliation with various less-than-savoury characters out in the world, including a few dictators, too. Also about Trump’s bizarre attempts to court the various right-wing influencers.


  3. thephantom182

    “Strike 1: It’ll stay up because it is at least vaguely an attempt.”

    We’re doing strikes now? Spare me. 🙂

    “A guy said something on the internet? Nope, sorry not concrete evidence. If somebody is busing people around who then voted using the names of dead people then I want to see citations of people being prosecuted for doing so (and several please).”

    Given Alan Schulkin, no less than the Commissioner of the Board of Elections for New York City, and his stories of busing zombies from precinct to precinct, I don’t suppose it has occurred to you that the enforcement and prosecution arm has been perverted as well?

    Case in point, Indiana:

    Evidence of a possible inside job, forwarded to police. Culmination of a lot of complaints that the database is insecure as well.

    “He just *knows* it is true.”

    Do you get out a compass to check that the sun is setting in the west, Camestros? And didn’t the FBI just let Hillary off for treason? That was the biggest red flag in history.

    I’ve broken my rule about providing links, as usual links make no difference. Aaron is on here flatly lying about what the video clearly says. No more links for you, boys.


    • Aaron

      No more links for you, boys.

      I know it must be difficult for you, trying to shovel the mountains of bullshit that you are trying to shovel, and no one takes your deceptively edited videos and “everyone knows” rumor-mongering seriously. Every time Schulkin brings up some allegation, he follows it with a “you don’t know if they are doing that, they could be”. He’s doing nothing but engaging in wild speculation. You really should pay attention when you listen to your sources before you try to make claims about them.

      And, of course, O’Keefe’s deceptive editing practices are well-known. Citing him is the equivalent of saying that you don’t actually have any real evidence, but you’re going to rant anyway. The truly sad thing about the video is that O’Keefe couldn’t make it seem more damning that he did, which just speaks to his incompetence. On the other hand, he suckered you in, which speaks poorly of your intelligence.

      Your Indiana link also shows that the alleged “voter fraud” is also wild speculation. The Secretary of State found that there were changes to some data in the voter registration system and has assumed that means voter fraud. Except, as the article points out, there are many good reasons why data would be changed, and the matter has only been referred for investigation – and no actual evidence of fraud has been found as of yet. You really should read your sources before you try to make claims about them.