Best Cover Award Thing: Round 0.5 Catch Up Round

The new additions to the list need marks for artwork and functionality. So here we go!


Karen Memory – Elizabeth Bear : Artist/Designer – Cynthia Sheppard(Artist)

Artwork: Wow that’s good. The angle so that the character is looking down at you with a heck-you-aren’t-worth-shooting expression. 4 points.
Functionality: Yup, does the job. Author, title, big hint to the style of the book. 2 points.

Rolling in the Deep – Mira Grant : Artist/Designer – Julie Dillon(Artist)

Artwork: Frighteningly good – except the other webbed hand coming from behind is bugging me because I can’t work out where the arm would be (and it would have to be a second monster I guess). Oh, stop nit-picking. 4 points.
Functionality: Another 2 points

The Deep Woods – Tim Pratt : Artist/Designer – Galen Dara(Artist)

Artwork: Clever use of colour and light and motion. A strong sense of the panic that can grip a person lost in the woods. 4 points.
Functionality: Title gets a bit lost despite its size: 1 point.

Voices in the Night: Stories – Steven Millhauser : Artist/Designer – Janet Hansen (Designers)

Artwork: OK this isn’t going to pick up artwork marks but it will pick up the marks in the Graphic Design category. O points.
Functionality: It’s clever and functional: 2 points.