Review: X-Men Apocalypse

I dodged the latest X-Men movie (number 3 in the back-in-time reboot) and only just saw it online. The surrounding reviews were not great and I think coming to it with low expectations helped.

It was a big, fun superhero film. Yes, a bit bloated but it kept a fairly steady pace and a sensible plot. Apocalypse is a straightforward Bond villain in many ways: a man who wants to reshape the world and who has no moral limitations. His drive to control the world’s mutant holds the film together with a simple plot thread. The story is unambitious but serviceable.

The weakest aspect of the film is that Michale Fassbender’s Magneto has become ingrained as the tragic quasi-bad guy on the brink of redemption or perdition. Consequently, the story has to give him a new family and then kill them in a cliched fridging. The net effect is it becomes harder to take Magneto seriously as a villain and  a wiser move would have been to allow the Magneto/Xavier dynamic take a rest in this film.

The move of Mystique/Raven (Jennifer Lawerence) into clear good-guy territory is possibly a bigger shift than Magneto’s . However, at least there is some sense in this new timeline for the character to become less consumed by hate and pessimism.

Overall, scratches satisfactorily a superhero itch. Could have been better but it could have been worse or it could have been Batman versus Superman.



  1. thephantom182

    Batman vs. Superman was fine, Camestros. X-Men was better, true enough. But really, it could have been so much worse. Fantastic. Four.

    Look at the first Superman in the re-boot series. Clark Kent lets Pa Kent die to preserve his secret identity? Please! Talk about breaking the character.

    X-Men did suffer from that whole bit with Magneto at the beginning. But then the X-Men franchise has that problem with the base assumptions of its universe. Normal Humans act like KKK members around mutants, its basic to the concept of the comic. I always thought that was a stupid idea right from the original team. The same city that accepts Spider Man and Captain America throws rocks at mutants? Dumb. I guess there’s some fans of the notion out there, I’m not one.


    • camestrosfelapton

      I agree, the X-Men concept doesn’t work well within the rest of the Marvel Universe. Notably, it is also the franchise that has been strongest operating independently of the Marvel Cinema Universe.


      • thephantom182

        I attribute the good performance of the X-Men movies mostly to the scripts leaving the characters alone. They didn’t mess with what was already working. Humility like that is rare in Hollyweird.