Book Cover Award Thing 2016: Redressing the Balance a Bit

Because of the disparity of male v female artists in the selected covers, I’m adding some additional late entrants using my executive powers!

Karen Memory – Elizabeth Bear : Artist/Designer – Cynthia Sheppard(Artist)


Rolling in the Deep – Mira Grant : Artist/Designer – Julie Dillon(Artist)
Stretching the made-up-rules a little with a novella.


The Deep Woods – Tim Pratt : Artist/Designer – Galen Dara(Artist)
Again, a novella.


Voices in the Night: Stories – Steven Millhauser : Artist/Designer – Janet Hansen (Designer) Making another unwritten rule exception and including a book of short stories by one author. Worth it though for an exceptional cover design.




  1. Cora

    That Karen Memory cover is wonderful and Julie Dillon’s work is always a treat, though this isn’t my favourite of hers. Though it’s probably the one most fitting, since most of Julie Dillon’s 2015 covers were either magazine or anthology covers. Though I’m pretty sure she does the covers for Lisa Shearin’s SPI Files series, which had a book out in 2015. Galen Dara mostly does magazines as well.

    I also love the cover for the Steven Millhauser collection. Clean and elegant.


  2. thephantom182

    I like the Cynthia Sheppard cover… except for the coach gun the woman is holding. It is bloated and ridiculous, an unusable prop. She needs to look at some guns.

    Incidentally, on the female artist front, interesting news from ComicCon today. The artist biz is a crap way to make money unless you are a Big Established Artist. Then you’ll be working yourself to the bone for a middle-class income at best.

    Buzz on the street from a variety of professional sources off the record: most artists are starving (20-30K/ year income), a few are working like demons to make a living (50-80K) and nobody is breaking in without help. Help being defined as an uncle/dad/other relative in the trade.

    Nobody is making a buck in comics, even at the established houses, according to -working- comic book artists I spoke to. That’s what I heard. Comics are back on their heels, bigtime. That’s why we’re seeing shit like Death of Superman #5, This Time We Really Mean It, and Captain America Is Secretly A Nazi Spy. They’re f-ed. Tank is empty, nobody will take a chance on a new idea because they’re barely hanging on.

    Nobody is making a buck in animation. People were previously being hired right out of school by Disney and Pixar. Of late, since 2013, Disney and Pixar have been laying off artists and animators. Animation has been getting offloaded onto small job-shops. Sometimes they get paid. All the shops and animators work project to project. There are times of drought between projects. Money is not good, creativity is zero.

    I was told regarding a young relative with an interest in the arts, by a Gray Eminence in the Ontario art scene, that said relative “should go to law school and give up the drawing thing entirely.” This is a successful artist I’m talking about. Featured Artist and a panelist at the con, not some schmoe. Young relative is now thinking about engineering instead of art.

    The reality of the market world-wide may be less bleak than what I’m saying here. But for now, in Canada, this is what we’re dealing with, according to guys that are out there dealing with it every day.

    And that, Camestros, is why you’re not seeing women artists on book covers so much. I expect most of them are doing stuff that pays more, like waiting tables at Tim Horton’s. Yes, you make more money asking “Would you like fries with that?” than painting beautiful pictures for book covers.

    A book cover goes for under $300 these days. I got a couple of quotes. It takes a while to crank out a decent cover, even for a pro. They’re pretty much working for minimum wage. That’s why most book covers look like sh1t, anymore. How hard is somebody going to work for minimum wage?

    Institutional sexism? Massively unlikely. Poverty, Camestros. Follow the money, and you will have your answer.

    On a brighter note, I saw Denise Crosby in the autograph section. She looks good.