Month: Oct 2016

  • The Ultimate Scare: Walrus Mindset!

    The Ultimate Scare: Walrus Mindset!

    Spooky talking cats! Unpleasant right-wing self-help! Haunted trams! Demonic spiders! Donald Trump winning the election! All the scariest things you can imagine and some things you really shouldn’t imagine! Yes, the spookiest tale of horror, and positive thinking is here as a special download by clicking this link: walrusmindset Go on – try it! You […]

  • My Scary Halloween Costume is…an alt-right self-help book cover

    Wooooooooo!!!!!!! The ideas are only connected by fear and anxiety and not by reason or logic!!!! Wooooooooo!!!!

  • Sunday Beer: Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale

    An American version of a Scotch beer. Not bad, despite the can.

  • Dragon Awards Reply…

    [A bit late posting this] Dragon Con replied via twitter to my last post on the odd fluctuations on the Dragon Con Awards website. It is an odd sort of explanation – as if people might get confused by a news article clearly from August. Anyway, I asked about when nominations might open and…no reply… […]

  • Timothy and the publishing delay

    As I sat in the south gazebo, hitting refresh on voxopedia’s ‘Recent changes’ page, I noticed from the corner of my eye the household cat walking pensively in circles. Perturbed by this uncharacteristic behaviour I approached him cautiously whilst holding my phone in the forlorn hope of capturing an amusing cat video with which to […]

  • Review: Doctor Strange – trippy woo-woo fun

    Don’t count the plot holes. Don’t think too much about how the bad guys capacity to fight good wizards seems very situational. Nigh on impossible not to wince at the racist cliches of oriental-exoticness juxtaposed with only one Asian actor. Ignore some slightly stilted dialogue. Don’t concern yourself with Cumberbatch’s odd American accent (is it […]

  • Say, Camestros what’s your new fave Voxopedia page? [Update]

    Why, I’m glad you asked that question, disembodied voice that writes the blogpost titles. My new favourite Voxopediapage is: LIST OF ASIAN MEN’S INVENTIONS: If I was trying to invent a parody title for a Voxopedia page, it wouldn’t be half as funny/apt as that one. It really delivers in terms of just being […]

  • The Dragon Award Websites Has Changed!

    In an exciting development, the ‘News’ section has now gone back in time and apparently expunged the August announcement of the actual awards presentation. The most recent news is now from April. Page as of the date of this post: Previous version October 23: Don’t worry though, this is not some Orwellian re-writing […]

  • Alt-Pi: Voxopedia replies (again)

    I’m inadvertently becoming a feature on Voxopedia’s talk pages: Idris (talk) 23:15, 25 October 2016 (UTC) Excellent. Vox Day’s First Law manifest. Camestros Felapton, go look at the experiment on Youtube. Two ball bearings, two plastic tubes. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3… Galileo. Vox Day’s first law is that any sufficiently advanced […]

  • Weird Internet Ideas: The Platonic Ideal of Fringe Ideas with a side serve of Voxopedia

    I must confess to a vice: I have a ghoulish fascination for dysfunctional ideas. Sad to say some, like global warming denialism or racism can feel depressingly ubiquitous. Others are a tad more rarefied – like the occasional defenders of geocentrism. Yet the finest, most exotic of the misapplications of intelligence must be mathematical-crackpottery. To […]

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