Book Cover Award Thing 2016: Round 1.2

Second set of artwork scores. Note this is the first of the criteria only. Looking for original SF/F artwork, independent of it being on a book cover.

Souldancer – Brian Niemeier : Artist/Designer – Marcelo Orsi Blanco(Artist)

A compelling image of…something. A bit murky overall but still effective: 3 points.

The Book of Phoenix – Nnedi Okorafor : Artist/Designer – Joey Hi-Fi, aka Dale Halvorsen(Artist)

Dramatic use of four colours to create a sense of falling/flight, flames, and cities. 3 points.

The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass – Jim Butcher : Artist/Designer – Chris McGrath(Artist)

There are variants of this cover which show more of the picture. Chris McGarth does these character featured pictures very well. 4 points.

The Fifth Season – N.K. Jemisin : Artist/Designer – Lauren Panepinto(Art director)

Nice image but not by itself remarkable. 1 point.

The Grace of Kings – Ken Liu : Artist/Designer – Sam Weber(Artist)

Very clever image. 4 points.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers : Artist/Designer – Christoffer Meyer(tbc)

Beautiful star field photography with an effective silhouette. 2 points.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers : Artist/Designer – Christopher Doll(Artist)

Planet plus starship but this time with a more cartoon/fun feel. Nice but only 1 point.

The Shepherd’s Crown – Terry Pratchett : Artist/Designer – Paul Kidby(Artist)

Has a feel of religious iconography, partly because of the central figure’s pose (echos Jesus showing his stigmata post Resurrection) but also because of the numerous details that look important (e.g. the halo of bees). A single image telling a story. The picture has more depth than it first suggests. 4 points.

The Shepherd’s Crown – Terry Pratchett : Artist/Designer – Jim Tierney(Artist)

A simpler image and I think a better cover. However, fewer points for the artwork. 2 points.

The Traitor, Baru Cormorant – Seth Dickinson : Artist/Designer – Sam Weber(Artist)

A very arresting image. 4 points.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street – Natasha Pulley : Artist/Designer – David Mann(tbc)

More design work that artwork perhaps but at least 2 points.

Updraft – Fran Wilde : Artist/Designer – Stephan Martiniere(Artist)

A wonderful image that really makes me want to read the book. 4 points.

Updraft – Fran Wilde : Artist/Designer – Tommy Arnold(Artist)

Even better than the other cover for this book. We have a better view of the character but the sense of height is still there. The character is looking down and appears about to jump off…but unlike the other cover we don’t know if the character can actually fly. So while it is less of an ‘action’ image than the over cover, it carries more tensions and yet more stillness. Makes me want to go and downgrade all the other points I’ve given so far so this stands out more. Close to perfect but I’ve limited this category to 4 points.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik : Artist/Designer – Scott McKowen(Artist)

Busy but clever, with a nice use of colour. 2 points.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik : Artist/Designer –

Very stylized with a suggestion of a woodcut. Cleverly done 3 points.

War Factory – Neal Asher : Artist/Designer – Larry Rostant(Artist)

YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Space! Things! Lights! Chaos! Great stuff. 3 points.

Way Down Dark – J.P. Smythe : Artist/Designer – Nameless Hero(tbc)

More a piece of design than artwork but I really like it. However, to be fare to the scoring system 0 points.