I’ve mocked in various ways some of Castalia House book covers but they are typically not too bad and while they lean heavily on off-the-shelf 3D models, the composition of the scenes is often good. However, the latest one from the supposed new-new-newHeinleinn-who-isnt’-Timothy is a horror:

I hope those guys are literally clones in the story because they look like it. I assume the enormous guns are meant to look impressive but it just looks like somebody has made a horrible error in scale.

The background, with the jungle and the Avatarish helicoptery thing looks OK (nicely lit) but the foliage at the front looks like its pasted on to hide a mistake. The net effect is cheap and amateurish, despite the obvious effort.

Then the lurid green text over a green background. urrrgggghhhhh.

Maybe this is Vox Day’s new weapon against the forces of the left – because one look at that has me recoiling like a vampire from a crucifix.


  1. KR

    Heh heh, “Rod Walker”, heh heh. That name is pure comedy gold.

    Larry (outsized gun), Brad (blond doofus sidekick), VD (in centre, inhabiting background with wreckage). Either in hot pursuit of, or vehemently tossing aside, or totally failing to see, Hugo rockets in foliage.

    Also: wth? My patronus is a piebald mare.

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  2. thephantom182

    The rifles are quite silly. They appear to be modeled from the French FAMAS rifle, with the upper part of the receiver enlarged to make it look “futuristic.” Some artist who knows -nothing- about guns worked on that, IMHO.

    The rest of it, at least it tells a little bit of the story, or so one would hope. I’ve seen worse.


  3. Cora

    The cover image itself would be tolerable, though ferns in front don’t quite fit. But the font and eye-seering green colour push it over the edge.