Neffy News from George Phillies

George Phillies posted this comment about the N3f Neffie Awards. Elevating it:

“Neffy Award Winners
The 2016 Neffy Award winners have been chosen. The winners are :
Best Novel: Shadows of Self—Brandon Sanderson
Best Paper Series Novel: Schooled in Magic—Chris Nuttall
Best Editor: Toni Weisskopf (Baen)
Best TV Show: Supergirl
Best Comic: Girl Genius
Best Film: The Martian
In other News, the N3f will actually be launching three magazines, not one, counting Tightbeam (new issue out recently after a year or so hiatus). Tightbeam is letters and reviews. It will be bimonthly or more often if material arrives. It’s now all-electronic; the new Editor, Bob Jennings, believes that ezines need to be somewhat short or they will not be read. Eldritch Science (my old zine) will be fiction, poetry, and art. It will be all electronic, and accept material of up to novel-length and down to 7500 words for prose. The Editor is George Phillies. Ionosphere, returning after three or four decades, will be run by the Fan-Pro Coordinating Committee. It will be all-electronic, at a publication rate to be determined. John Thiel is Committee Head and Editor. We already publish The National Fantasy Fan (news) and N’APA (bimonthly APA).”



  1. georgephillies

    There are a vast number of awards, and I have doubtless missed almost all of them, notwithstanding the heroic efforts of any number of blogs. But thanks for asking.