Blog Round Up!

I have been very remiss in doing one of these. A mix of links and places and things I’ve read. Some are old because I forgot to do one of these posts:

Steve J Wright has a review of Ninefox Gambit

I usually end up linking to Cora Buhlert’s Hugo related posts – which is a disservice in so far as she writes about lots of other things. In this case, an announcement of a new series with some unconventionally star-crossed lovers:

Aaron Pound has some coverage of the Retro Hugo’s

S.Schwatrz has thoughts on message fiction and also some ruminations on poking badgers with spoons

A different perspective on the 2016 Hugos from Sami Sundell

Chris Gerrib has a rumination on rules and when to break them it’s a neat example but it illustrates a deeper point. Most rules, procedures, even guiding principles have some sort of purpose (and Aristotelean final cause if you like). Understanding the ‘why’ of them matters.

I know everybody has read, applauded and linked to Ursula Vernon’s ‘This Vote is Legally Binding’ but here it is again because it is worth reading again!

Nicholas Whyte on Watership Down

Natalie Luhrs has a long piece on the issues with the World Fantasy Convention

Abby Howards JSPH is back in action after a hiatus

Plus lots of things I read but can’t find a link too – you know that thing, it was great, you should read it…





6 responses to “Blog Round Up!”

  1. I’d like to thank you for the link as well. Sorry for the late thank you, but I’ve been at a local gaming convention this weekend, and haven’t been able to keep up with the internet the last few days.


  2. Thanks for noticing my blog! Now, if I only got around to actually producing content more often than around the Hugos…


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