Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapters 7 to 12, a journey into nonsense

Oh, I am still slogging my way through his book by a rightwing Australian think-tank. Before I go on, I should sum up this set of chapters.


Intro, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3, An Aside, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Section 1, Ch7, Another Aside, Ch8, Ch9, Ch10, Ch11, Ch12, …

This second part of this book of three parts was entitled “The economics and politics of climate change” but it was more of a miscellany of things.

Only one chapter was actually about economics and while several touched on politics, it was lacking in any depth of analysis. Three of the chapters seemed more concerned with promoting a more half-baked science critique similar to the chapters in the first section. Mind you, at least market researchers trying to do climatology was at least funny.

Has this book actually been edited? Surely somebody must have noticed that half of a section on the economics & politics of climate change didn’t really address either topic?

I’ve read ahead from here of course and in the next section entitled “The climate change movement”, it doesn’t get much better. Of the nine chapters, three would make more sense in the science section – well not so much because they are ‘science’ but because they are attempts to refute some aspects of climate science.

A better structure for the book would have been:
Section 1: Half baked science
Section 2: Random stuff.