Month: Sep 2016

  • Book Cover Award Thing 2016: Round 2.1 Functionality

    Round 2.1 Functionality. I said originally 0 to 3 marks but that is too many levels of distinction and I’m knocking that down to 0 to 2. Does the cover get the job done? Who wrote it? What is it called? What kind of book is it? (tricky) What else do I need to know? […]

  • More on Gender Disparity and Book Covers

    So delving further into the question Cora Buhlert left a long and interesting comment that I thought I’d quote in full here: SFF is the last bastion of the custom illustrated cover in adult fiction. Most other genres have moved to photographic covers using stock photos. And even SFF is moving that way, partly due […]

  • Sunday Beer: Napoleone Saison Duval Despite the name, it’s actually Australian.

  • Book Cover Award Thing 2016: Round 1.2

    Second set of artwork scores. Note this is the first of the criteria only. Looking for original SF/F artwork, independent of it being on a book cover.

  • Book Cover Award Thing 2016: Round 1.1

    Oh how to manage 34 books and four criteria! I’ll be doing 9 posts. Two for each criterion (one directly after the other – just for manageability) and then a final post with the totals. Feel free to argue with criteria ratings and I’ll change them because I have no backbone. Just to recap. Four […]

  • Best cover thing etc: Why finding artwork credits is so frustrating!

    Here is an example. James Smythe’s book Way Down Dark and its striking cover (comes in three varieties with changes in colour scheme and type layout): Nice. I like it. It has a strong Saul Bass feel to it. Now here is a blog post at the PUBLISHER’s blog, posted by the EDITOR of the […]

  • Best SFF Award Nominee Book Cover Award etc: Institutional Sexism

    I’ve been collating names of cover artists/designers on the list of 34 covers left after the previous culling. Guess how many are women? Did you guess ONE? If so, then you are probably right. I say probably because I’m going off names and what bios I can find. So maybe some of the named artists […]


      I’ve mocked in various ways some of Castalia House book covers but they are typically not too bad and while they lean heavily on off-the-shelf 3D models, the composition of the scenes is often good. However, the latest one from the supposed new-new-newHeinleinn-who-isnt’-Timothy is a horror: I hope those guys are literally clones in […]

  • Currently Playing: Dragon Quest 7 (3DS)

    I don’t play video games much these days due to time in general, books, other books and everything else. But I do have big Nintendo 3DS for when I just get the urge to play games rather than read on the train. So I was quite excited to hear that a Dragon Quest game was […]

  • Best SFF Award Nominee Book Cover Award 2016 or thereabouts: The Great Cover Culling!

    Eeks! Have I taken on too much? Maybe. So I’m going to do some culling of books with more than one cover. I’ll keep two at most per book but try and get it down to 1 The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers (2) I’ll keep both of these because […]