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This was posted as a comment but ended up in the pending queue and people may have missed it: Passing it on for info:

Readers are invited to join the National Fantasy Fan Federation ($6 with an electronic membership), notify me that you have joined (, and vote on our awards, the Neffies (given at least as early as 1949, then as the “Laureate Award”). Associate Memberships are free.

The current nominees are

Best Novel
Somewhither—John C. Wright
Shadows of Self—Brandon Sanderson

Best Paper Series Novel
163X—Eric Flint
Schooled in Magic—Chris Nuttall
Safehold—David Weber

Best Editor
Peter Buch (Elsewhen)
Sheila Gilbert (DAW)
Toni Weisskopf (Baen)

Best TV Show
Sense8 Season 1 Jonathan Strange miniseries
The Expanse
Jessica Jones

Best Comic
Astro City
Girl Genius

Best Film
What We Do in Shadows
The Martian
The Lobster
Ex Machina

That is an eclectic mix 🙂

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    1. Amanda (or maybe Cedar) at Mad Genius was promoting them awhile back. Weird how the novel choice is just two books whereas the best movie is a fun selection. Not sure how What We Do in the Shadows is eligible as its a couple of years old (and comedy horror rather than SFF) but I love it 🙂


      1. Looking at the small numbers of finalists in some categories, I’d say that the Neffies had the same problems as SP4 in getting people to participate. There were plenty of worthy novels in the past year, such that you wouldn’t need to limit your list to 2, rather than 5, unless you barely got any nominations.

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  1. I wonder if they’ve seen the problem with things like the Neffies or the Dragon Awards yet? With a bit of effort, they can very easily arrange for them to be locked in to the sort of Rabid/Sad Puppy trash they prefer – but then they’re going to be wondering why no-one takes an award that regularly goes to authors like John Wright seriously. Obviously, it will be the result of SJW conspiracy…

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  2. Thank you for the kind repeat of our announcement. The N3F was founded in 1941, when “fantasy” was interpreted more broadly than it is not. We would include science fiction, fantasy, occult, horror, and the like as fantasy. Indeed, there are now romance novels with STFNAL elements that would be included if they were nominated. The membership response to the list of categories was..interesting. Last year, there was only enthusiasm for two categories, namely “best editor” and “heroic achievement”.

    Having said that, the N3F is now reviving its other magazine, Tightbeam. Tightbeam will be published, at a guess, yearly, free to members and then sold online. It will be purely electronic.

    The National Fantasy Fan Federation is reviving its large zine TIGHTBEAM as an all fiction.poetry/art/review electronic zine.

    Orientation? Tightbeam will target publishing excellent fiction, excellent art, fiction reviews, and a lively letters column.

    Fiction? As Editor, I plan to follow the editorial standards I followed when I edited Eldritch Science some three decades ago. Were these standards any good? In the course of nine issues, I lost at least three of my regular writers to major commercial science-fiction novel-publishing houses.

    So what are the standards? First, there is a minimum length limit of 7500 words. I am actually open to publishing works of up to novel length, though I don’t expect to do so very often. Issue 1 will include a novel.

    Second, Tightbeam is open to tales of science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural mystery, as well as poems with similar themes. Tightbeam characters are expected to act, not the passive observers. Tightbeam plots should weave a believable conclusion, not abandon the morass of unresolved hints.

    I am not interested in publishing:

    1. Rolegaming stories in which the roll of the dice is still audible. Stories inspired by rolegames are acceptable.
    2, The master detective and his faithful amanuensis are acceptable; Holmes and Watson are not.
    3. Explicit erotic or pornographic material.
    4. Tales in which the protagonist is simply a witness — panoramas of alien worlds — or in which the protagonist is overwhelmed by events, having the free will of a snowflake in the path of an avalanche.
    5. Political tracts disguised as works of fiction.
    6. Works of horror and terror in which the focus is on shocking the reader with gore and pain.

    Poems are expected to have both rhyme and meter, e.g.,
    The setting sun, her golden rays
    Strike towering cloudy casements high,
    Set airy castles all ablaze,
    Draw fiery shades o’er twilight sky,
    Give burning sign that night creeps nigh.


  3. Neffy Award Winners

    The 2016 Neffy Award winners have been chosen. The winners are :

    Best Novel: Shadows of Self—Brandon Sanderson

    Best Paper Series Novel: Schooled in Magic—Chris Nuttall

    Best Editor: Toni Weisskopf (Baen)

    Best TV Show: Supergirl

    Best Comic: Girl Genius

    Best Film: The Martian

    In other News, the N3f will actually be launching three magazines, not one, counting Tightbeam (new issue out recently after a year or so hiatus). Tightbeam is letters and reviews. It will be bimonthly or more often if material arrives. It’s now all-electronic; the new Editor, Bob Jennings, believes that ezines need to be somewhat short or they will not be read. Eldritch Science (my old zine) will be fiction, poetry, and art. It will be all electronic, and accept material of up to novel-length and down to 7500 words for prose. The Editor is George Phillies. Ionosphere, returning after three or four decades, will be run by the Fan-Pro Coordinating Committee. It will be all-electronic, at a publication rate to be determined. John Thiel is Committee Head and Editor. We already publish The National Fantasy Fan (news) and N’APA (bimonthly APA).


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