The Sad Puppy 3 meltdown over Hugo 2016 Continues

In yet another extraordinary display of sore-loserness, Brad Torgersen enter into the fray with a rant about how the leftwing media is ganging up on him

Now, just to remind everybody:

  • Brad (and Larry) were not really involved in Sad Puppies 4 – the relevant campaign for Hugo 2016
  • Brad has always been very vocal about how different the Sads and Rabids are
  • Sad Puppies 4 was actual a vast improvement and received substantially less criticism than Brad’s campaign because Kate Paulk actually did what she said she would do
  • The impact on nominations from Sad Puppies 4 was not overt or disruptive – good for them
  • The big issue in 2016 was the obvious griefing by the Rabid Puppies of Vox Day
  • It was the Rabid Puppies who got trounced in the final voting
  • Vox is being largely phlegmatic about it (as trolls tend to be when their trolling gets shut down eventually)
  • Brad and Larry are having a massive hissy fit about fans not voting the way Brad and Larry think they should have

Brad says that Sad Puppies was all about diversity of opinion – yet here we are again. When new and varied works win, Brad has a meltdown because they don’t fit the nutty-nugget template that he demands we all follow.

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28 responses to “The Sad Puppy 3 meltdown over Hugo 2016 Continues”

  1. I’ll just point out again that this all makes much more sense if you accept the monopupist view: there are not two kinds of puppies; there are only two kinds of leaders who compete for control of that one single group. Even the would-be leaders aren’t that different. Brad and Larry are the ones who brought Vox Day in to begin with, and Brad is the one who described them as heading down the same road in two different vehicles. As for SP4, I think it conclusively proved that puppies will not follow a woman.

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    • ‘I think it conclusively proved that puppies will not follow a woman.’

      Oh. There’s a ticking time bomb there waiting to go off, if anyone else notices.


    • The weight of evidence is making the monopupist view look unassialable – I may end up being an irrational monopuppist denier!

      My other (not terribly insightful) observation is the histrionics is very much about the Dragon Awards. Red meat for the troops so they will “vote early and vote often” 😉

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  2. I like to think that you’ve recorded your own voice for that animation. It would lend a whole other level of delight to it.


    • Yes his post are terrible.

      Part of what is going on is their delusional world holds up for a bit. Then crashes. Then holds up for a bit. Then crashes. It causes a lot of emotional turmoil and that is what you are seeing with these outburst. If the national polls hold up your are going to see it again in November. And you are going to see the same kind of reaction as one candidate already says if he doesn’t win, the election was stolen. Same kind of stuff.

      The world is changing and their world is becoming untenable. Old white guys are dying off. The country is becoming more diverse. Paychecks are shrinking as people work ever harder. Reaganomics have been a total failure. The country as a whole is less religious at the same time the flock itself is becoming more fundamentalist and radical. President Obama was spot on when he talked about people clinging to their guns and religion and antipathy for people not like them. Puppy wars are just a microcosm of that.

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      • “President Obama was spot on when he talked about people clinging to their guns and religion and antipathy for people not like them.”

        You have never been farther than five miles from the nearest Starbucks in your life, have you? And Groggy calls -me- a racist.


      • Dear phantom: I live in the middle of Arkansas. I can’t go one mile from my house without tripping over a Starbucks, much less five. I submit to you that you have no idea what Red State America is like. Maybe you should stick to what you do know.

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      • “Maybe you should stick to what you do know.”

        Yeah, I’ve never been to Arkansas. No idea what it’s like there. I only lived in New York, Arizona, Minnesota, visited California, Missouri, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and a bunch more… not a clue about Arkansas, really.

        Maybe all those people clinging to their guns and religion went off and hung out where I was. I know a bunch, they’re not real happy these days. People commonly start yelling at the TV in bars and restaurants whenever Barry comes on. I saw a middle aged lady completely go of on him in the checkout line of a hippy grocery store in Silicon Valley two years ago. People were yelling “you said it!” all over the damn store.

        I see shit like that all over the USA whenever I visit. People are seriously pissed off. I -never- see it in Ontario. We aren’t that pissed off yet. We just look at the bill and sigh sadly at the 15% tax on the end.


      • Dear phantom: I have lived in Red States all my life, from Idaho to NC to Louisiana, and now Arkansas; and I have traveled extensively through all 48 contiguous US States. Also Canada. (1) I would never make a blunder such as (a) assuming Starbucks only exist in coastal America (b) assuming that the population of Red States, or *any* states, are politically uniform (c) basing my understanding of the American zeitgeist on what some person in a checkout line shouted one time. I repeat my advice: stick to what you know.

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  3. I’m finding it vaguely hilarious that Brad and Larry are spending farrrrrr more time the offence caused to the Sad Puppies, than they ever did on promoting the latest iteration.

    @Greg, I think thats inaccurate – SP4s lack of support amongst the traditional Puppy-base can be summed up as lacking any quid pro quo element like what the previous iterations did. By making an actual open, transparent, and democratic effort, they wound up not doing any favours to the base, and as the Zeroth Law of Puppydom states, “It’s all about promotion”.

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    • Agree. Part of the reason Larry is out shaking bushes right now is he is drumming up base support for the Dragon Awards. That will be an interesting experiment. As best I can tell, one can vote as many times as one can create email addresses.


      • Dragon Con has been around almost 30 years has an attendance of 70k I would figure that it is not going to be hard for them to rack up award vote tallies that put the Hugo in the shade,.”drumming up base support for the Dragon Awards”???


          • But if that happens, I don’t think that the Puppies would be very happy with the results. The vast majority of those 70,000 attendees are not of the Puppy demographic.


        • Oops hit reply early
          …but this year their marketing of the award has been shambolic. Literally Larry Correia’s blog has more , better and more current info on the Dragon awards than the Dragon Awards website (which hasn’t been updated since April)

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      • @KentuckyDan

        Larry is trying to win an award just like he tried to win a Hugo award. So he is stirring up his base. At its base, the whole puppy thing is a marketing scam to sell books. The brown nose pups are just the marks.


    • Good point. For a conclusive test, we’d need to see a man-pup attempt the same thing and see if it got more attention. However, I don’t expect there will be an SP5 at all, so we’re likely to see a monopupist victory by default.


      • Doubtful, at least as far as the Dragon Awards have been run thus far. It takes more than hanging out a shingle to get crowds of people voting in your award poll. The Locus Award has been around since the 1970s and is attached to a magazine with fairly wide circulation that promotes its award, and it only gets a few thousand voters every year.

        I suspect that the organizers of the Dragon Awards won’t release the number of people voting on the award – which is perfectly fine, because by their own rules there is no requirement they do so. I predict that the reason they won’t do it is because they didn’t get much participation this year, although that will be difficult to confirm if they don’t release the voting numbers. I suspect also that the pure “first past the post” voting system used won’t serve to make the award look good if the percentages each winner received are made public – it won’t help the award’s credibility much if there are multiple winners who garnered less than 30% of the total vote.


  4. Readers are invited to join the National Fantasy Fan Federation ($6 with an electronic membership), notify me that you have joined (, and vote on our awards, the Neffies (given at least as early as 1949, then as the “Laureate Award”). Associate Memberships are free.

    The current nominees are

    Best Novel
    Somewhither—John C. Wright
    Shadows of Self—Brandon Sanderson

    Best Paper Series Novel
    163X—Eric Flint
    Schooled in Magic—Chris Nuttall
    Safehold—David Weber

    Best Editor
    Peter Buch (Elsewhen)
    Sheila Gilbert (DAW)
    Toni Weisskopf (Baen)

    Best TV Show
    Sense8 Season 1 Jonathan Strange miniseries
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    Best Comic
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    Best Film
    What We Do in Shadows
    The Martian
    The Lobster
    Ex Machina


  5. I note that Brad is still trying to pretend that he’s not the one who turned his family into human shields against his racist and sexist statements.

    Really, I’m so over the Puppy bleating. They know that the new nomination rules have tightened up the exploit they used in the past to cheat entries onto the ballot, and that they may be able to continue getting a few works onto it, but not enough to keep their supporters engaged and invested, because the reward will be almost negligible. All they have left now is the bleating.

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    • And Brad’s still associating with a guy who thinks his wife and children are sub-human. What massive disrespect to them.

      If my husband went palling around online with someone who thought of me that way, I’d change the locks, dump his stuff on the lawn, and hire me the best divorce lawyer ever.

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